[!] There is a race happening this weekend. If you don't know the details please read this news post first: https://pathofdiablo.com/p/?news=18.

Server List:

We've taken some of the game servers from the main realm and put them on this race realm. This means not all the game servers you are use to are available. Please familiarize yourself with the options by visiting the server page: https://pathofdiablo.com/p/?servers

How to Join the Race Realm:

1.Open the game via the PoD Launcher (as usual) and go into singleplayer mode with any character. Open the Settings buttons in the lower left-hand corner via CTRL+Click.

2.Click the "Gateway" tab and change the ip from s.pathofdiablo.com to r.pathofdiablo.com then right click "Settings" to close the window. Save & Exit the game and close Diablo II to save changes.

3.Now open the game again and click "Play Online". You will need to make a new account for this test race but please use the same name as your existing PoD account. Make sure to select "Ladder character" when creating your character.

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