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Yo I have a new build to share with everyone that I came up with:

Magescape Rabies Armageddon Magic Find Druid (HC)


2k+ life, 30k+ rabies, 4k+ armageddon phys damage (6k decrep, 8k amp)

Self found from lvl 0-89 (200-300 MF): soj, 23 mara, bk, 24 mara, stormshield, 2 vipers.

Build: 20 rabies; 20 creeper; 20 armageddon; 20 molten boulder; 3pts dire wolves; 1pt bear, 1pt carrion; rest in oak or your preference.

Playstyle: run in, proc rabies, armageddon lands and kills stuff, run elsewhere. Feral rage means you run super fast.

Stats: enough strength for stormshield/spirit shield, save your respecs for 6ist phaseblade (180mf, ignore target defense) or cranebeak (200-230mf).

Bonus: merc runs reapers or lawbringer to increase your armageddon phys damage

Bonus: you use Lacerator (1ooc) to proc amp damage so your armageddon hits harder. Chance to flee and melee splash keep you super safe. Stormshield very helpful. Spirit shield is good enough for hit and run.

Bonus: Gull dagger or Ali baba (shael shael) on switch w/ spirit for magic find/prebuff.

Leveling: put points in rabies and vine first; you can wear tons of MF and still kill in high player count games. Get full angelic ASAP for 150+ MF so you can solo level in high player count games and keep all your drops, which is way more fun. Sigon gloves and boots give another 25 MF.

Safety: ALWAYS cast vine ahead of you at the edge of the screen to aggro mobs. It has 2k+ life and 8 mana cost, and kills weak enemies in maps solo. This will save your life over and over again. For scary enemies, stand behind your merc and bear and let armageddon kill without getting into melee range. Always cast vine ahead of you in World Stone Keep level 3 (dolls) and in maps.

Damage: Priorities are: 1) Trang-Oul's Claws gloves 1.5) jalal's cnc (1ooc) 2) skillers: mix of plain elemental gcs and shapeshift, 1ooc each. 3) Torch (I think I paid 1hr for a 10/10 druid, maybe you could get one even cheaper).

Safety: Gloom armor (fal um pul) on your merc means he will very rarely die to ranged enemies due to the dim vision curse. Reaper’s (1ooc) / lawbringer / decrep will keep him even safer. A2 blessed aim (offensive) helps you both hit.

Laziness: once you’re stronger, just run through the pit at high speed and everything dies. Which is great since rabies sometimes kills too fast to spread.

Endgame mf: 6ist lightsabre (preferred, ignore target defence is very nice) / 6ist cranebeak; 3os jalals (2ptopaz, splash+res); 4os stormshield (not important at all) w/ pdiamonds/ums. Note that with MF's diminishing returns, especially when you're up in the 400+ mf range, 25 mf doesn't matter so much, you'd prefer damage/survivability.

Alternative build: swap out rabies when you have great gear and switch to a mix of armageddon damage synergies and wolf synergies for tons of life+phys damage. Hurricane could be viable, but more points, and doesn’t deal phys. 5os reapers, 6os earth shifter, 6os cranium basher, 6os executioner’s justice are all interesting options for this variant. Potentially even Athena’s Wrath or double upped Grim reaper (100% deadly strike) could be options. I haven’t tried it myself, but some people on Reddit have tried similar builds.

Try it out and message me on the trade site if you have more innovative build ideas.

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Questions from readers

How is the clear speed for maps?

I have seen Volcano/Armageddon Druids doing maps faster. If you're not using feral rage I'd say it takes 1h to do a map (it's slower when you need to stand near / behind merc for dangerous enemies, and not running super fast). If you're geared like mine is now (517 mf though) I'd say down to 30-40 mins (still casting vine ahead, but mostly just swapping between rabies and feral rage while holding down right click, only occasionally retreating for might/amp packs).

Does it require a lot of investment to map?

It's very low investment I'd say. +skills gear and you're good. Maaaybe angelic ring/ammy if you can't hit with Rabies. Rabies doesn't care about gear, neither does armageddon. I'm pretty sure you could start mapping with spirit long sword (for IAS breakpoint), lore, smoke, spirit shield, +3 ele/ss ammy at level 80, if the map is easy (no slow/amp/decrep/lowerres/conviction/concentration). Remember not to leave the map if there's +max life on it: the enemies get more life each time. You can re-roll blue maps with 3 pgems (save your pamethyst/pemerald/pruby for crafting though :).

Total investment for cnc jalals, dual spirit, smoke/cnc skullders, cnc trang gloves, cnc stormshield (vex/.5, might even be able to get +10% poison corrupt for same price), 6 ele skillers, 3ss skillers, reapers: 0.5hr/vex and ~13 ooc. Useful trade value sheet: [1].

Should I slam this item?

No, don't slam it. Use the ooc to get more gear or mf. Look at the numbers: for most items it takes 15-25 slams to get a 4-6 socket slam. It's probably better to trade the item and get guaranteed upgrades, and then find even more items / kill faster.

What filter do I use?

I like the / senpai filter, see the filters page on the wiki to download it. It's very helpful for crafting blood rings / safety amulets / caster amulets - don't craft with the item unless you're the specified level or higher.

What merc would you use if you were using a lawbringer? A5 or A3?

I would probably do a5 since it will help your leach and summons. If you're doing maps or chaos though, definitely do cleansing A3 as that's great for your speed.