Poison Nova

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Poison Nova


Description: Emits an expanding ring of concentrated poison.

Required Level: 30

Prerequisites: Deadly Poison, Desecrate


  • Deadly Poison: 12% poison damage per level.
  • Desecrate: 12% poison damage per level.

Mana Cost: 20

Damage at level 1: 65-121 over 2 seconds

Damage at level 20: 524-581 over 2 seconds

Patch Notes

  • Corpse Explosion's damage is reduced from (60-100)% to (40-60)% of corpse life
  • Every other damaging skill in this tab got some kind of damage increase
  • Teeth now shoots a maximum of 12 missiles. The damage scaling at high levels has been reduced slightly
  • Bone Spear’s synergy bonus from Bone Spirit has returned
  • Poison Explosion’s base radius increased by 50%
  • Poison Dagger: added 1% synergy with Poison Explosion and Poison Nova
  • 13# Desecrate’s damage synergies have been reduced from 18% to 16%