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Patch #11: Kyanite

  • Bash’s starting magic damage conversion has been reduced from 70% to 45%.
  • Bash’s base damage has been lowered from 130% to 110%.
  • Cleave’s starting mana cost has been reduced from 5 to 4.5.
  • Hurricane’s damage synergies have been reduced from 5% to 4%.
  • Tornado’s damage synergy from Cyclone Armor has been reduced from 12% to 7%.
  • War Cry’s synergies have been increased from 15% to 16%.
  • Ethereal Throw’s weapon damage percent has been reduced from 65% to 60%.
  • Fixed Bone Armor’s bone spirit synergy not showing the absorption increase on the skill tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Feral Rage’s life leech to not work.
  • Flesh Offering and Bone Offering now have a larger Area of Effect.
  • Bone Offering no longer reduces magic damage taken.
  • Bone Offering now gives increased damage.
  • Orb of Corruptions are slightly rarer.
  • Orb of Corruptions now only start dropping at monster level 40 or higher.
  • Lower drop rates of all runes, especially higher ones.
  • A new Sorceress fire skill has been added: Ignite.
  • Reverted Enigma back to vanilla but replaced +1 Teleport with +1 Warp (a 2 second cooldown teleport)
  • Hydra now has a maximum cap of 4 sets of hydras alive simultaneously.
  • Hydras now shoot fire balls instead of fire bolts.
  • Hydra now has a fire ball synergy.
  • Hydra’s starting duration has been increased slightly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused +% Increased Magic Damage mod to not apply to conversion skills like Magic Arrow and Bash.
  • Fixed a bug which made ‘+% Increased Magic Damage’ mod work as an additive bonus to synergies rather than multiplicative.
  • Warmth now also gives percent attack rating.
  • Rabies’ poison duration has increased to 4 seconds. The damage has been scaled up accordingly.
  • Rabies’ infection spread AoE has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause some players to crash in Arcane Sanctuary or while wearing Trang-Oul’s Avatar set.
  • Ravens can no longer be summoned in town.
  • Ravens no longer warp to you when changing areas or teleporting too far away.
  • Guardian Angel’s bonuses to maximum elemental resistances has been reduced from +15% to +7%.
  • Guardian Angel now also gives +10-15% to all resistances.
  • Guardian Angel’s attack rating bonus against demons has been changed to an attack rating bonus against all monster types.
  • Uber Mephisto can now be life and mana leeched from (drain value increased from 0 to 10)
  • Uber Baal is now immune to curses.
  • Life Tap’s heal has been reduced to 25% at level one and returns to 50% by level 13.
  • As a temporary fix to the Raise Skeletal Magi skill, only the Fire version will spawn. This temporarily addresses the issue with the fire magi being the strongest one and requiring summoners to desummon the other *elements.
  • Stone Runeword no longer grants an additional grizzly bear and golem.
  • Flame Golem’s mana cost per level has been reduced by 2.
  • Immolate fire damage synergy has been reduced from 7% to 6%.
  • Immolate’s radius has increased from 5 to 7 yards.
  • Meteor’s inferno synergy has changed to Fire Wall
  • Fixed an issue with the font that made the number ‘5’ look like a ‘6’.
  • The “extra damage as physical” mod on Memory Runeword will now vary from 25% to 35%
  • The Grandfather unique sword has gone back to its original stats but has kept the 2% Life regeneration.
  • Heart of the Oak’s max life% has been lowered from 10-12 to 6-8
  • Blade Shield’s tooltip now shows the duration.
  • Lowered the volume of the Hurricane sound by about 33%
  • Lowered the volume of the Teleport sound by about 15%
  • Whirlwind’s starting damage is now -75% (from -50%)
  • Whirlwind’s damage increase per level has been reduced by 1% (from 8 to 7 per lvl)
  • Upgrading Runes will no longer require gems.
  • Wisp Projector’s “10% Reduced Skill Cooldown” stat has been replaced by it’s original stat; Heart of Wolverine charges.
  • Wisp Projector gained a new stat: 4-8% faster run/walk.
  • Crimson, Ocher and Cobalt Strike gained slightly more duration per level.
  • Crimson, Ocher and Cobalt Strike gained more elemental damage per level.
  • Crimson, Ocher and Cobalt Strike’s weapon damage percent has increased from 50% to 100%
  • Council Members can no longer spawn with Fire Enchanted. There is a old bug in the game code that makes them deal insane damage in Nightmare.
  • The Ancients can no longer spawn with Fire Enchanted.
  • Talic now uses a lower level Whirlwind.
  • Root of All Evil boss now uses Dashing Strike instead of Flicker Strike. His AI has also improved especially when hunting down ranged players.
  • Static Field minimum cap on monsters has changed to 25% on Normal (was 0%), 50% on Nightmare (was 33%) and 75% in Hell (was 50%). This means Static Field stops working when a monster’s health is at 25%/50%/75% of max hp.
  • Fixed a bug which made the Den of Evil quest impossible to complete after using the Desecrate skill.
  • Smite’s mana cost has been increased from 2 to 4.
  • Removed Holy Shield’s strength synergy to smite damage.
  • Fade’s curse duration reduction has been reduced significantly.
  • Antidote and Thawing potions no longer grant bonuses to maximum resistances.
  • Lowered the prices of throwing weapons and quivers which had gone up unintentionally due to increasing the stack sizes in a previous patch.
  • Holy Fire’s damage scaling has been reduced.
  • Blade Fury is now affected by piercing attack.
  • Blade Fury’s hitbox is a little wider.
  • Blade Shield now starts with 1 blade at level 1. It will gain an additional blade every 10 levels.
  • Fire Enchanted monsters in Nightmare will deal 30% CE instead of 35%. This is a temporary fix to an old bug blizzard never fixed which makes Nightmare do a lot more CE damage than they should.
  • Chaos Runeword’s ‘+1 to Whirlwind’ has been changed to ‘+1 Zeal’.
  • Monster’s resistances can no longer go below 0%.
  • Lightning Mastery’s bonuses have been increased.
  • Fire and Cold Mastery have had their bonuses adjusted slightly.
  • Discharge’s starting cooldown has been reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.
  • Discharge’s minimum cooldown has been reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
  • Discharge now receives a damage synergy bonus from Static Field.
  • Discharge’s synergies are now 5% (Nova was 8%).
  • Discharge’s starting damage has been reduced.
  • Discharge’s projectiles now travel faster.
  • Teleport’s mana cost reduction is now 0.5 mana per level (down from 1)
  • Maggot Lair now has two levels (down from 3). The boss room is also larger.
  • Coldworm the Burrower now spawns maggot infinitely and has a random aura.
  • Arcane Sanctuary’s pathways are now larger.
  • Fixed a bug which caused elemental damage dealt by Revives to not get increased by Summon Mastery.
  • Desecrate’s poison cloud AoE is now larger and travels faster.
  • Fixed a bug on non-ladder that caused players to gain zero experience and monsters to have 1 hp.
  • Raise Skeletal Mage now receives a damage synergy bonus from Fire Golem.
  • Alma Negra has received a new stat line. Before.jpg / After.jpg
  • Tyrael’s Might has received a new stat line. Before.jpg / After.jpg
  • Diablo Clone has returned… but you must fight him in his domain... details coming soon!
  • Battle Orders’ bonuses have been split into two: Self and Allies. The buff given to allies is much weaker than the one the barbarian receives himself.
  • Crushing Blow will have reduced effectiveness on prime evils and relic bosses (value to be decided).
  • The “% increased magic damage” mod has been renamed “% increased magic skill damage” to help communicate to players that it only affects magic damage skills and not magic attack damage on gear.
  • Druid’s Fire Claw skill has been changed to deal 100% of fire weapon damage as splash damage.
  • Wearwolf form now starts with 15% increased life (was 25%).
  • Wearbear form now starts with 25% increased life (was 35%).
  • Shock Wave’s damage synergy has been lowered from 11% to 10%.
  • Flame Dash has been reworked. The cooldown is reduced by base levels. The damage is scaled by levels and energy.
  • A new area called The Ancient's Temple has been added. You will now bring relics to this area instead of the previous area. It requires level 80 to enter. The entrance is in Act 5 town.
  • Relics will now be right clicked to activate (while standing in The Ancient's Temple). All party members in the temple area will be warped with you into the dungeon.
  • Using a town portal while in a relic dungeon will warp you to town without creating a portal. It will be impossible to re-enter the dungeon.
  • Decoy has been reworked. It uses Multiple Shot skill.
  • Valkyrie has been reworked. It uses Charged Strike skill.
  • Barbarian’s Masteries have been changed. There are no longer weapon specific masteries. Instead there is Two Hand, One Hand and Throwing.
  • Throwing Mastery no longer has critical strike chance.
  • Bone Runeword has been changed. Before.jpg / After.jpg
  • Peace Runeword has been changed. Before.jpg / After.jpg
  • Rain Runeword has been changed. Before.jpg / After.jpg
  • Players now have a charm inventory. Charms will work only in this inventory and no longer clutter your item inventory space. (in singleplayer this doesnt work. its just a bigger inventory)
  • Please keep in mind that I will probably finish a few last minute changes between now and the ladder reset. If I do fit in more changes, I will update this thread and add it to the bottom of the list. Thanks!

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank Dav92 for his amazing work. He has helped make changes that I simply cannot do myself. It took him a lot of attempts and time to finally make the charm inventory work so he deserves all of our love for that. I'd also like to thank Sheep who is continously making custom in-game graphics for us. They always look great. Thanks to NES who is constantly adding new features to the website which improves our experience. Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback and donated to help us pay for the server cost. It means a lot to me that you would take your time and money and spend it on this project that I love so much. I hope you enjoy the patch and the ladder!

Patch #10: Tanzanite

New Quality of Life features

  • Loot filter: Make your own or use the community made ones.
  • Fast Self-Muling: Perming games now takes 30 seconds.
  • Quickly move items to stash or ground via control/shift right click.
  • Inspect the gear of allies.
  • Game timer.
  • Advanced Character Sheet: see many stats you couldn't see before.
  • Remembers your previous Game Name and Game Server.
  • Automatically party up/permit loot when players join game.
  • The “First to reach level …” announcements are now working.
  • We now have 14 game servers located around the world to give you better ping. Paid for by the community.
  • Fixed the game server field requiring lowercase.
  • Fixed a bug which occasionally caused the game to crash while switching characters/games.

Skills and Items

  • Third attempt to fix the Flame Dash visual bug in Multiplayer. Again this is purely a visual effect bug that does not actually impact the gameplay but I still hope I finally fixed it.
  • Ethereal armors no longer work with the unsocket cube recipe. This is a temporary fix to the eth bug that allows a chest piece to maintain the defense rating stat.
  • Cham rune now gives 4% Skill Cooldown Reduction.
  • Whirlwind has been changed back to the classic game version. It will attack a fixed amount of time per spin regardless of the player’s attack speed. [This change does not work in singleplayer]
  • Amazon’s bow skills will no longer consume arrows or bolts. [This excludes Strafe and Normal attacks which will continue to consume arrows & bolts in Singleplayer]
  • Leap no longer knocks back.
  • Blood Golem no longer has 100% chance of open wounds.
  • Poison Creeper no longer has Rabies as a synergy.
  • Fire, Cold and Lightning Masteries have had their damage increased but their resistance pierce lowered.
  • Meteor’s impact damage now deals additional physical damage.
  • Blizzard now deals additional physical damage.
  • Enigma’s runes have been reverted back to JahIthBer.
  • Enigma’s convocation oskill has been swapped for a new oskill: Time Warp
  • Enigma’s life on kill stat has been replaced by 19% chance to gain Slow Time when hit.
  • Infinity’s enhanced damage stat has been reduced.
  • Charge’s base damage and starting bonus damage has been decreased.
  • Charge’s damage synergy and chance to hit scaling has been increased.
  • Stone runeword no longer offers Cleansing aura.
  • Silence runeword now has level 8 cleansing aura.
  • Sanctuary aura now gives +% To Magic Skill Damage.
  • Fixed a bug which showed Sanctuary aura gaining radius in levels when it was not the case.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Ravens to have a lower attack rating than planned.
  • Hurricane’s damage synergies have been decreased slightly.
  • Tornado’s damage synergies have been decreased slightly.
  • Ethereal Throw’s base damage has been reduced slightly.
  • Ethereal Throw’s magic damage scaling especially at early levels has been increased slightly.
  • Rabies’ poison damage length has been reduced from 6 to 3 seconds.
  • Rabies damage has been increased significantly.
  • Rabies now has receives a damage synergy from Summon Dire Wolf.
  • Enchant’s damage synergy has been increased.
  • Frigerate’s damage synergy has been increased.
  • Frenzy’s base damage has been increased.
  • Freezing Arrow’s damage synergy has been increased.
  • Blessed Hammer synergies increased.
  • Phase Run’s damage scaling and starting duration have been increased slightly.
  • Ground Slam’s base damage has been increased slightly.
  • Corpse Explosion’s corpse life percentages have been reduced.
  • Death Sentry’s corpse explosion life percentages have been reduced.
  • Shock Wave’s base damage has been reduced slightly.
  • Cleave’s base damage has increased.
  • Cleave’s mana and mana scaling costs have decreased.
  • The bonus life in Werebear form has been reduced.
  • Discharge’s top end damage scaling has been reduced.
  • Discharge’s nova synergy has been reduced.
  • Discharge’s damage bonus from energy has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug with Raise Skeletal Mage which caused their damage values on the tooltip to be wrong when Minion Damage was level 0.
  • Salvation aura now also increases your party’s elemental damage.
  • Prayer aura now also heals for 1% of your maximum life at all levels.
  • New Necromancer skill: Desecrate
  • Necromancer’s Minion Health and Minion Damage have been combined into Summon Mastery
  • New Necromancer skill: Flesh Offering
  • New Necromancer skill: Bone Offering
  • New Paladin skill: Dashing Strike
  • The Assassin’s Blade Shield skill has been replaced by a new skill with the same name.
  • The Act 3 Iron Wolves (Merc) no longer cast spells. Instead they use Vengeance (their own version with reduced multipliers).
  • The cold Iron Wolf (now called offensive) now has Meditation aura.
  • The fire Iron Wolf (now called combat) now has Thorns aura.
  • The lightning Iron Wolf (now called defensive) has Cleansing aura.
  • The Nightmare versions of the Act 2 Mercenaries are now the same as their Normal and Hell difficulty versions. This means the Holy Freeze, Thorns and Might auras are now Prayer, Blessed Aim and Defiance.
  • The Act 5 Barbarian (Merc) now always uses Bash (converts 70% of phys to mag). He no longer can use Stun.
  • Assassin’s Martial arts tree has been partly redone. In the end I cut out some skills due to new bugs that were discovered with not enough time to solve them. I do not recommend players use this tree.
  • Frozen Orb now has a damage synergy from Ice Bolt
  • Some of the Necromancer skills have moved around on the skill tree.
  • Bone Spirit is now a level 24 skill.
  • Bone Prison has been removed from the game.
  • Moved Phase Run’s icon in the skill tree because it was on the wrong row.
  • Amazon’s Penetrate is now a level 12 skill.
  • Cyclone Armor no longer has any synergies.
  • Hydra’s duration has been reduced slightly but it also slightly increases with levels.
  • Blood Golem’s life leech has been reduced.
  • Bone Armor’s Bone Prison synergy has changed to Bone Spirit.
  • Act 5 Barbarian (Merc) now use Might aura.
  • Stormspike has been reworked. Before.jpg / After.jpg The image is suppose to say 1% atk speed per 10 Dexterity
  • Uber Baal will now use Lower Max Resist curse which does -7% to player’s max resist. He will also use Frozen Armor instead of Chilling Armor
  • Volcano’s physical damage synergy has been increased.
  • Plague Javelin’s damage synergy has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug with certain trap chests and the chest in forgotten tower.

Known Bugs

  • Using Desecrate in Den of Evil will make the quest impossible to complete. (will be fixed next ladder)
  • Martial Arts unfinished.

Patch #9: Aventurine

Server Features

  • We are now on a brand new international server. This means when you create games, you can select a server near you for better ping. The full list of servers can be found at:
  • These new servers will require a new account. Make sure your characters are on Ladder. And don't forget to add "chat" to your friendlist to join global chat.
  • We are testing out a new announcement system that will globally announce player achievements like first to reach levels and also top 50 deaths.
  • Improved protection against cheats.
  • We are trying out automated daily restarts to help server stability.

Skills and Items

  • Deadly Poison now deals poison damage over 2 seconds.
  • Deadly Poison’s synergies are now more effective.
  • Enchant and Frigerate will no longer gain duration with levels. They will always last 3 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug which caused rare circlets to turn into a rare hand axes when using the normal to exceptional upgrade recipe.
  • Raven’s starting mana cost has been reduced slightly. It will now scale up slightly with levels.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Ravens to only deal splash damage in normal difficulty.
  • Bone Prison has been temporarily made unusable. You can still level it for the Bone Armor synergy.
  • Relic bosses will no longer spawn random mods. They will always spawn with the same mods.
  • Relic bosses have been tagged as prime evils.
  • Relic bosses will always drop a relic.
  • Relic bosses are now 5 levels higher than the area level.
  • Relic bosses now have new skills which makes their fight more interesting and dangerous.
  • A new relic (tier 4) has been added to the game.
  • Relic boss rooms will now have more shiny chests as you climb the tiers.
  • Stony Tomb in Rocky Waste has been changed. It is smaller but more rewarding.
  • Monsters that cast the Blood Mana curse will now instead cast a new curse which lowers maximum resistances.
  • Ground Slam shoots out less projectiles but the area of effect on impact will increase with levels.
  • Flame Dash has been reworked slightly. This should fix the animation bug it suffered from. The cooldown is also changed.
  • The quantity of Spirit and Dire Wolves that you gain is now based on hard points.
  • The Phoenix runeword no longer has a chance to cast Firestorm.
  • Bone Fetish’s maximum pack size has been reduced by one.
  • The spirit runeword (sword version) has been changed. The vitality is removed. The mana and faster cast rate are based on character level.
  • Freezing Pulse's damage scaling has been lowered.
  • Freezing Pulse’s synergies are now less effective.
  • Freezing Pulse’s mana cost now increases with levels.
  • Assassins now start with two katars instead of one katar and buckler.
  • Holy Shield’s bonuses to Smite have been improved.
  • Holy Shield’s smite damage now increases from Strength.
  • Teeth’s damage has been slightly reduced at lower levels.
  • Battle Orders’ starting values have been reduced
  • Oak Sage’s starting values and scaling has been reduced slightly.
  • Oak Sage is now a level 12 skill.
  • Spirit of Barbs is now a level 30 skill.
  • Sorceress’ life per level increased to 1.5 (up from 1)
  • Necromancer’s life per level increased to 2 (up from 1.5)
  • Paladin’s life per level increased to 2.5 (up from 2)
  • Heart of the Oak no longer grants Oak Sage charges. Instead it has 10% to Maximum Life
  • Full rejuvenation potions now heal for 70% of health and mana. (down from 100%)
  • Greater life potions now heal for 200 (up from 180).
  • Super life potions now heal 400 (up from 320)
  • Lycanthropy’s starting life bonus has been reduced.
  • Firestorm’s travel speed has been reduced significantly. It will now gain travel speed with each level.
  • Fixed a bug which made Phase Run’s cast time still use cast speed instead of attack speed.
  • Orb of Corruptions no longer work on white items.
  • Orb of Corruptions drop a little less often.
  • A few mods granted by Orb of Corruptions have changed. This is a buff.
  • Blood Golem’s leech now shares less life with his owner.
  • Sanctuary no longer knocks enemies back.
  • Sanctuary’s magic damage now works on all monsters.
  • Frost Nova’s synergies are now more effective.
  • Molten Boulder’s fire and physical damage synergies are now more effective.
  • Volcano’s physical and fire damage synergies are now more effective.
  • Freezing Arrow’s synergy is now more effective.
  • War Cry’s damage synergies are now more effective.
  • Wake of Fire’s synergy is now more effective.
  • Immolation Arrow’s burn damage at impact has increased to match the fiery trail damage. The burn damage synergy has also increased (affects impact and trail burn).
  • Fire Arrow now has a burn damage synergy from Explosive Arrow.
  • Bash now deals 130% base damage.
  • Bash now starts at 70% physical to magic damage conversion and increases with levels.
  • The Barbarian’s combat skills tree has changed slightly. Some skills have had their level requirements changed.
  • Added a new Barbarian skill: Cleave.
  • Paladin’s Thorns aura has been changed to Precision.
  • Arrows and Bolts have been reworked. They can now drop magic or rare with a wide variety of mods.
  • The Grandfather unique has been reworked by the community. Before / After
  • Fade's curse resistance has been reduced.
  • Items that give auras when equipped will now always give the same aura level. Items that have auras also sometimes lost one minor property to allow room for this change. To learn more about the reason for this change, click here.
  • Ethereal Throw's base damage has been reduced slightly.
  • Ethereal Throw's magic damage synergy has been reduced slightly.
  • Blizzard's synergies are slightly more effective.

Editor's Note: Originally there was a change, "Assassin’s Martial Arts has been reworked completely.", however this has been undone. See GreenDude's note below:

"I'm reverting the sin changes. It is not in a state im happy with. And since all the skills in the MA tree depend on the charge generators, they all need to work correctly. I will revert back the tree to how it was last patch and then release a MA rework patch in a couple weeks. I'm sorry but theres no otherway I can do this." -greendude120, Source.

Patch #8: Pyrite

New Mapping/Dungeoneering System

We are introducing a new dungeoneering system that will significantly improve the current one we have in place. The current dungeons will be reverted back to normal. So what is the new system? Players will find Relics which are tiered. When a player finds a relic, he can bring it to an Altar and use it. This will create a portal to a high level dungeon. These dungeons are exclusive to the end-game. They are inaccessible until Hell and require level 80 to open. These dungeons offer an optional alternative end-game aimed for high level characters (90+) where they can farm difficult content for experience and loot. These areas become harder and harder as you climb the Tiers. Each map has a boss and currently you are required to kill the map boss in order to gain access to higher tiers. Dungeons get increasingly difficult as you enter higher tiers but they will provide excellent experience points. These dungeons are safest when done in a group. It is not recommended to enter solo unless your character has end-game gear. Please be advised that the map bosses can be pretty scary. Tread carefully. There is currently 3 tiers out of the planned 5. The other tiers will be patched in later due to time constraints. Please make sure to send in feedback on the dungeoneering system so that it can be further improved in the upcoming patches.

Items and Skills

  • Summon Spirit Wolves and Summon Dire Wolves now gain one wolf every two levels instead of one every level.
  • Oak Sage now requires level 30.
  • Heart of the Wolverine now requires level 6.
  • Spirit of Barbs now requires level 18.
  • Monsters can no longer spawn with the Mana Burn mod.
  • Arrows and Bolts now spawn with a wide variety of implicit mods.
  • Sorceress’ “Lightning” skill has been renamed “Lightning Surge” to avoid confusion.
  • Raven’s attacks now deal splash damage.
  • Raven’s cold damage has been reduced slightly.
  • Raven’s maximum Ravens count is now 20 instead of 28.
  • Firestorm’s damage has been reduced at lower levels.
  • Energy Shield’s tooltip will now show you the efficiency percent.
  • The “Damage Taken Goes to Mana” mod will now read “Damage Taken Gained as Mana when Hit” to avoid confusion.
  • The mods “Damage Reduced by” and “Magic Damage Reduced by” will now read “Physical Damage Taken Reduced by” and “Magic Damage Taken Reduced by” to avoid confusion.
  • Healing potions have been renamed to Life potions to shorten their name label, resulting in slightly less item clutter on screen.
  • Fixed the name label of gems.
  • Moved “Flamespike the Crawler” further away from the Inner Cloister waypoint.
  • Fixed a bug with Fire Arrow not properly requiring Magic Arrow to level the skill.
  • Fixed a bug with Immolation Arrow’s fire trail which caused it to deal weapon damage.
  • Fire Arrow and Immolation Arrow’s fire trail now uses smaller animations to reduce the visual noise of those skills. This is a visual-only change that does not impact the skill.
  • Fixed a bug with Battle Orders showing “50% reduced effectiveness” when the skill level was zero.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused Flame Dash’s animation to play in the wrong place, only when playing online. This fix cannot be confirmed as working until tested on the server. This was a visual-only bug and therefore will not affect gameplay if the bug persists.
  • Increased the drop rate of Orb of Corruptions.
  • Diamonds socketed into Weapons will now give “Adds x-y Damage” instead of “% Damage vs Undead”.
  • Skulls socketed into Shields will now give “Physical/Magic Damage taken Reduced by X” instead of “Attacker takes damage of X”.
  • Holy Shield now releases bolts of magic when hit by enemy missiles.
  • Holy Shield now has a Holy Bolt damage synergy.
  • Hydra’s damage has been reduced.
  • Hydra now receives a damage synergy from Warmth.
  • Battle Command’s base duration has been increased.
  • Battle Command will now grant +2 to all skills at base level 10 and +3 to all skills at base level 20.
  • Leap Attack can no longer be assigned to Left click mouse button. This is a temporary fix for a bug which allowed the skill to deal the damage without performing the attack animation.
  • Phase Run’s additional duration per level has been increased.
  • Freeze Pulse’s synergies have been reduced.
  • Freeze Pulse’s damage scaling has been reduced.
  • Blood Golem now has an aura that grants allies "Life gained on hit".
  • Barbarian's Berserk skill has been reworked.
  • The ‘Memory’ runeword had the mod “Magic damage reduced by 7” replaced by “Lightning Surge deals 25% extra damage as Physical”. Before.jpg / After.jpg
  • Activating Phase Run is now based on your attack speed instead of cast speed.
  • Fist Of Heavens no longer forces you to attack when out of mana.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Gull dagger to spawn with Righteous Fire.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Find Item to unintentionally get extra relics from dungeon bosses.
  • Sanctuary now properly grants Phase Run charges.
  • Bash now converts damage to magic.
  • Fixed an error on Raven's skill description which showed a Tornado synergy instead of Twister.
  • Increased the drop rate of Tier 1 maps.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Heavenly Garb to spawn with +5 Energy Shield.
  • The Grief runeword's bugged damage has been replaced by damage based on character level. This has helped fix the tooltip error.

Patch #7: Beryl

  • Added a Move Only option that can be assigned to left click. Allows players to move around without attacking or casting accidentally.
  • Changed the font color of certain item types which will help players quickly see what items they want to pick up or leave behind.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Occulus to drop without the teleport when hit mod.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Orb of Corruptions to be used on items that had already been corrupted previously.
  • Normalized the drop rate of Orb of Corruptions so they drop more consistently at all levels instead of dropping much more often in the early game.
  • Some of the stats spawned by Orb of Corruptions have been buffed while others have been changed to different and better stats. This should make the implicit stats more appealing.
  • The odds of getting additional sockets via Orb of Corruptions remains the same, however the odds of getting more than two sockets has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug with Uber Andariel, Uber Duriel and Uber Izual which allowed them to very rarely drop an Annihilus.
  • Areas which are part of the dungeoneering system have now been marked to warn uninformed players of their danger.
  • Gargantuan Beasts in Halls of Pain have been given an aura that slows players.
  • Fixed a bug with Convocation’s tooltip which showed the wrong cooldown time when in Nightmare and Hell difficulty.
  • Fixed an error on certain tooltips that still referred to “Poison Dagger” instead of the new “Deadly Poison” name.
  • Battle Orders, Shout and Battle Command have had their base duration and duration per level increased. They no longer have duration synergies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ethereal Throw’s magic damage to never actually deal any damage.
  • Ethereal Throw’s magic damage has been reverted back to a previous version due to being incorrectly increased while it did not function properly.
  • Ethereal Throw’s weapon damage has been reduced slightly to account for the new magic damage it now deals.
  • Throwing Mastery’s piercing attack chance has been reduced.
  • Deadly Poison is now a level 1 skill.
  • Bone Armor now requires Teeth.
  • Nova’s damage synergy has been increased.
  • Molten Boulder’s speed has been increased.
  • Increased the Smite Damage on low level shields by about 20%.
  • Raise Skeletal Mage’s damage at early levels has been increased.
  • Lycanthropy’s starting life bonus has been reduced.
  • Wearbear’s life bonus has been reduced.
  • The Amazon’s starting attack rating has been increased slightly.
  • The Amazon’s life gained per level has been increased slightly.
  • Added a fire trail to Fire Arrow that burns enemies.
  • Fire Arrow is now a level 6 skill.
  • Cold Arrow is now a level 1 skill.
  • Added a fire trail to Immolation Arrow that burns enemies.
  • Explosive Arrow is now a level 24 skill.
  • Explosive Arrow’s damage has been increased.
  • Immolation Arrow’s damage has been increased.
  • Immolation Arrow’s burning ground damage synergy has been increased.
  • Hydra’s duration has been decreased slightly.
  • Hydra’s damage per level at higher levels (23+) has been reduced slightly.
  • War Cry’s stun duration has been reduced.
  • War Cry’s damage synergies have been reduced.
  • Amazon’s Evade/Dodge/Avoid passive skills have had their recovery animation speeds doubled.
  • Amazon’s Slow Missiles has been replaced with a new skill: Phase Run
  • Added a new Sorceress cold skill: Freezing Pulse
  • Added a new Druid elemental skill: Flame Dash
  • Sorceress’ Thunder Storm has been replaced by a new skill: Discharge
  • The Strength Runeword gained the new mod "7 Life Gain on Melee Hit".
  • Angelic Sickle gained "1-9 Lightning Damage".
  • The unique item Steel Shade has been reworked.
  • The Zephyr Runeword's "7% chance to cast lvl 1 Twister when struck" has been replaced with "+3 Phase Run".
  • Milabrega's Rod gained an additional stat "15% Increased Lightning Damage".
  • Glacial Spike now has Freeze Pulse as a damage synergy.
  • Ground Slam’s waves quantity formula has changed so that it is now worth maxing out to get more waves.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ground Slam and Ethereal Throw to play a lightning damage sound even without any lightning damage on the character.
  • The Cow King will no longer spawn in the Secret Cow Level. (This is a temporary change until he can be modified to not disable Cow Level creation upon his death).
  • The unique item Radament's Sphere has been reworked.
  • The set item Dangoon's Teaching has been reworked.
  • Hydra's cooldown has been removed
  • Hydra's mana cost per level increased slightly.

Patch #6: Obsidian

New Server Features:

  • Global chat system. Visit the “CHAT” tab of this subreddit to find out how to join the channel.
  • Improved ping for European players. You can expect an improvement of about 20-30ms.
  • Fixed memory leak issues which forced us to reboot the server daily.
  • Fixed lobby crash.
  • Improved detection and prevention against some cheating software.
  • Players can see their character avatar in the lobby.
  • The server can now handle more concurrent players.
  • You may now create up to 18 characters per account.

Skills and Items:

  • Added a visual effect to Grim Ward’s aura.
  • Ethereal Throw now deals 80% weapon damage.
  • Ethereal Throw’s synergies are now much more effective.
  • War Cry no longer has Howl as a synergy.
  • War Cry’s two remaining synergies have had their effectiveness increased.
  • All classes now start with +100 stamina.
  • Frost Nova’s mana cost has been reduced by 1.
  • Glacial Spike’s mana cost has been reduced by 1.
  • Frost Nova’s Frigerate synergy has changed to Ice Blast.
  • Frost Nova’s synergies are now much more effective.
  • Shiver Armor’s damage synergy is now Frigerate instead of Chilling Armor.
  • Chilling Armor’s damage synergy is now Ice Bolt instead of Shiver Armor.
  • Shiver Armor and Chilling Armor now receive more damage from their synergies.
  • Shiver Armor and Chilling Armor now have a longer base duration instead of receiving duration as a synergy bonus.
  • Inner Sight’s duration has been changed to 8 seconds.
  • Inner Sight’s radius has been changed to 16 yards at all levels.
  • Inner Sight no longer has a mana cost.
  • Significantly increased the max quantity of Throwing Weapons, Javelins, Arrows and Bolts.
  • Added Life to Enigma. This is because the rune change from a previous patch made it lose it’s life bonuses unintentionally.
  • Fixed a bug with Blade Throw dealing 50% less damage when holding a two handed weapon.
  • Fixed a bug with one of Blade Throw’s synergies not increasing damage properly.
  • Fist of Heavens’ mana cost has been reduced.
  • Heart of the Oak no longer gives Level 14 Raven charges.
  • Blessed Hammer’s synergies are now slightly more effective.
  • Hellfire Torch no longer casts Firestorm on Hit.
  • Marrowwalk has been fixed. It now grants +1 to +3 to Minion Health and +1 to +3 Minion Damage.
  • Barbarians now start with a Hand Axe in each hand instead of one + buckler.
  • Cold, Fire and Lightning Mastery have had their starting resistance pierce reduced slightly so that reaching 100% pierce now requires skill level 25 instead of 19.
  • Cold, Fire and Lightning Mastery now also gain 1% elemental damage per 2 levels.
  • Poison Dagger has been reworked into Deadly Poison. Deadly Poison’s description reads: coats your weapon in deadly poison and increases the potency of your poison skills.
  • Shock Wave has been redesigned. It is now a mix between the vanilla version which provides flat damage per level and stun, combined with a portion of your weapon damage.

Patch #5: Limestone


  • Increased monster density.
  • Increased experience gained.
  • Increased monster level of all dungeons by 2.
  • Increased quantity of rare monsters in dungeons.
  • Area size increases to Halls of Pain/Vaught have been reverted due to errors.

Skills and Items Changes

  • Blade Sentinel has been replaced with Blade Throw.
  • Lightning spell from boobytrapped chests has now been disabled.
  • The nerfs to Amazon’s Pierce skill have been reverted.
  • Lightning Fury’s synergy bonus from Lightning Bolt has been increased by 2% damage per level.
  • Added a new crafting item “Orb of Corruption”. Place in cube with an item to corrupt it. Transmute twice to confirm.
  • Raven’s synergies are now slightly more effective.
  • Raven’s maximum ravens count increased from 25 to 28.
  • Volcano’s 1 second cooldown has been removed.
  • Hydra’s cooldown has been reduced.
  • The life provided from Call to Arm’s Battle Orders is half of what a Barbarian's Battle Orders provides at the same level.

Patch #4: Onyx


This patch contains some changes to the end-game in an effort to make more areas worth exploring. It is important to offer more replayability via build diversity, but another way to achieve that is to give players more reasons to visit underused side areas. Before this rework, very few side areas were worth visiting, but a notable exception is ‘The Pit Level 2’. This zone is famous for having an equivalent monster level as the Throne of Destruction which means players can get the same item drops but with lower risk since that zone contains weaker monsters. The advantage of Throne of Destruction on the other hand is that it offers both the best drops and the most experience in the game. Although there are a few other notable examples like Countess farming, most other zones in the game are virtually useless to farm. The rework of the end-game plans to address this in a way that should be familiar for Path of Exile players; a mapping/dungeoneering system. We’ve changed some side areas to be completely new dungeons that offer higher monster level for more experience gain, however the content’s difficulty has also increased.

  • The Hole Level 1 now has a monster level of 87.
  • The Hole Level 2 now has a monster level of 88.
  • Stony Tomb Level 1 now has a monster level of 87.
  • Stony Tomb Level 2 now has a monster level of 88.
  • Halls of Pain now has a monster level of 87.
  • Halls of Vaught now has a monster level of 88.
  • All dungeons have had their area size increased. Due to an unforeseen bug, some areas will remain their normal size until we patch a fix some time after the ladder reset.
  • Each dungeon contains a varied list of monsters that can spawn in them, in a multitude of combinations.
  • The item drops within dungeons are the same as Worldstone Chamber.

This is the first part of the end-game rework. Don’t forget to give us feedback on these new dungeons. We want to make sure that this system is working perfectly before we can implement the remaining dungeoneering/mapping system.

Skills and Items Changes

  • Fixed an error with ‘Bartuc’s Cut-throat’ tooltip not displaying the item name.
  • Convocation has changed: At Level 1 the cooldown is 10 seconds. Every level reduces the cooldown by 0.2 seconds. The cooldown is locked at a minimum of 2 seconds.
  • Hurricane's synergy bonus from both Twister and Tornado reduced from 12% to 6% damage per level.
  • Hurricane now receives a 6% synergy bonus from Arctic Blast.
  • Tornado’s synergy bonus from Cyclone Armor has been reduced from 20% to 14% damage per level.
  • Poison Creeper’s damage lowered at early levels.
  • Poison Creeper now receives a 4% synergy bonus from Rabies
  • Oak Sage’s Life bonus now starts at +20% instead of +30% at level 1.
  • Teeth’s projectiles emitted at exactly the same time can no longer hit the same target.
  • Teeth’s damage has been doubled.
  • Blood Golem has been given the mod: 100% chance to Open Wounds.
  • Blood Golem’s attack damage increased by about 30%
  • Raven now starts with a maximum of 3 ravens instead of 1.
  • Raven now has a cap of 25 Ravens.
  • Raven’s damage has been increased at later levels by about 30%
  • Raven’s movement speed has been increased significantly.
  • Might’s starting damage bonus has been reduced from 80% to 50%
  • When an Act 5 monster rolls ‘Junk’ (consisting of keys, throwing potions, TPs, IDs and small gold stacks) to drop, it will instead drop nothing about half the time. This change does not affect other drops. Players should now notice less item clutter in the Throne of Destruction.
  • The mod ‘Piercing Attacks’ now specifies the pierce chance percentage in the tooltip.
  • Throwing Mastery now grants ‘+% Piercing Attacks with Throwing Weapons’
  • Inferno has been reworked to have a larger AoE coverage
  • The unique item ‘Todesfaelle Flamme’ has been reworked. [Before.jpg]( / [After.jpg](
  • The new mod ‘Righteous Fire’ found on ‘Todesfaelle Flamme’ deals 45% of your maximum Life per second as Fire Damage to enemies around you.
  • All golems now receive bonus life from levels.
  • Iron Golem's base life has been reduced in Hell.

Patch #3: Granite

  • Raven from Druid has been reworked completely to make it a viable build on its own.
  • Armageddon’s projectiles fall rate is increased by 60% for more consistency in the AoE.
  • Armageddon’s fire damage has been reduced.
  • Hurricane and Armageddon can now be used at the same time.
  • Poison Creeper’s damage has been buffed significantly.
  • Sorceress’ Fire and Lightning Mastery skills now provide pierce damage like Cold Mastery.
  • The cooldown given to Volcano after casting Armageddon has been removed.
  • Volcano’s physical damage portion has been buffed. The synergy bonus received from Molten Boulder is also slightly more effective.
  • All Golem types have had their life values improved.
  • Paladin’s Lightning Resist auras now has the same values as the other two elements.
  • Druid’s tree has been corrected to properly show Armageddon not having Hurricane as a prerequisite.
  • Sorceress’s tree has been corrected to properly show Thunderbolt not having Chain Lightning as a prerequisite.
  • Paladin’s tree has been corrected so that Holy Fire, Holy Freeze and Holy Lightning are connected properly. Anyone with a bugged paladin will have to spec into the auras below the one you wish to use.
  • Concentration’s damage amplification it provides to Blessed Hammer now works correctly. It previously worked at 50% effectiveness, it now is 100%. The damage per level is also increased from 5 to 6.
  • Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Hydra, Frozen Orb and Meteor have had their mana costs significantly reduced.
  • Poison Dagger: added 1% synergy with Poison Explosion and Poison Nova.
  • Raise Skeleton: Increased damage scaling.
  • Raise Skeletal Mage have had their damage increased. Their damage can now be seen on the tooltip for Lightning, Fire and Cold.
  • Fixed a bug with Poison Mages having exceptionally high damage.
  • Fire Golem had flat fire damage and also ran Holy Fire aura, giving him another flat fire damage, causing double dips in his damage. This has been fixed to where his flat fire damage no longer exists. His Holy Fire level was reduced slightly.
  • Teeth now shoots a maximum of 12 missiles. The damage scaling at high levels has been reduced slightly.
  • Bone Spear’s synergy bonus from Bone Spirit has returned.
  • Poison Explosion’s base radius increased by 50%.
  • The Amazon's Stafe & Multishot have had their weapon damage % reduced in exchange for a new flat damage which increases with levels. This aims to help bow users in the early game when bows are weaker, until they can equip a good unique or runeword bow in late game.

Patch #2: Quartz

  • Conviction nerf has been reverted.
  • Raise Skeletons now gain 6 Life per Level.
  • Fixed base mana regeneration bug. All characters now correctly have 1.66% base mana regeneration (up from 0.83%).
  • Ice Arrow's description has been changed to correctly respresent the skill's damage.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Druids from having both Spirit & Dire wolves at the same time.
  • High runes now correctly drop in a linear fashion instead of exponentially.
  • Druids can now have all types of minions alive at the same time. (Now includes Creepers/Vines and floating spirits)
  • Enigma's recipe has changed to Sur + Ohm + Gul.
  • Enigma's +1 Teleport mod has been changed to +18 Convocation.

Patch #1: Bedrock

  • Druid's can now have both Spirit Wolves and Dire Wolves at the same time.
  • Base mana regeneration of all classes increased from 0.83% to 1.66%.
  • Drop rate of Runes is more linear and less exponential. This means higher runes are still increasingly rare but less rare than they were.
  • Jewels can now spawn a new prefix: "Melee attacks deal splash damage"
  • Spawning Ubers by selling Stone of Jordans in Hell, has been replaced by the "Um" Rune. Ubers currently disabled.
  • The stash size has been increased from 6x8 to 10x10.

Skill Changes:

A major rework has been done to the skill tree. The intended purpose of this revamp is to enable more builds late game, by mainly buffing underused skills or by changing their mechanics. New skills are also being introduced.


Bow and Crossbow Skills

Magic Arrow:

  • Physical Damage to Magic Damage conversion increased from 1% to 33% at Level 1.
  • Removed attacking rating bonus.

Fire Arrow:

  • Physical Damage to Fire Damage conversion increased from 3% to 50% at Level 1.
  • Base fire damage increased at all levels.

Multiple Shot:

  • Removed the 3/4 weapon damage penalty.


  • Removed the 3/4 weapon damage penalty.

Immolation Arrow:

  • Fire Duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Average Fire Damage per second increased.
  • Removed skill cooldown.
  • Fire Explosion Damage increased.
  • Synergies are more effective.

Freezing Arrow:

  • Cold Arrow synergy is more effective.

Passive and Magic Skills


  • Increased Attack Rating from +35% to +75% at Level 1.


  • Chance to dodge attack decreased from 24% to 22% at Level 1.

Slow Missiles:

  • Ranged attacks slow increased from 33% to 35% at Level 1.


  • Life reduced from (480-576) to 440 at Level 1.
  • Attack halved.

Javelin and Spear Skills


  • Now deals 100% of base damage and starts with +30% damage bonus up from -15%


  • Now a level 18 skill.
  • It now deals 125% of base damage


  • New skill, replaces Impale. (Exclusive to spears)



  • Curses no longer have paths connecting themselves. You may put a point into any curse of your choice as long as you meet the level requirement.
  • Decrepify's radius has been reduced and duration increased.
  • Amplify Damage's radius has been increased and duration decreased.
  • Most other curses have had various different buffs.

Poison and Bone Spells

  • Corpse Explosion's damage is reduced from (60-100)% to (40-60)% of corpse life.
  • Every other damaging skill in this tab got some kind of damage increase.

Summoning Spells

  • Skeleton Mastery has been removed.
  • Two new passives: Minion Damage & Minion Health
  • New skill which replaces Golem Mastery: Convocation (teleports you and your minions to target location)
  • Tree pathing is completely redesigned.
  • Duration of Revives increased from 180 to 600 at Level 1.
  • All summons except for Revives benefit from the two new passives; Minion Health & Damage


Cold Spells

  • Frozen Armor has been replaced by a new skill: Frigerate (adds cold damage to weapon and lower enemy defense on hit)
  • Blizzard's synergies are less effective.
  • Most other cold skills got buffed.

Lightning Spells

  • Thunder Storm has been replaced by a new skill with the same name. (Target a location to cause a lightning storm)
  • Static Field has been reduced from 25% to 20%.
  • Most other lightning skills have had damage buffs.

Fire Spells

  • Blaze has been replaced by a new skill called Immolate (Blasts fire damage in an AoE directly in front of you.)
  • Warmth has been nerfed slightly due to an increase in character's base mana regeneration per second.
  • Most other fire skills have had a damage buff.


Combat Skills


  • Now deals 150% of base damage and received a 50% bonus damage increase at Level 1.
  • Damage to self reduced from 8% to 5%

Fist of Heavens:

  • The cooldown has been removed
  • Holy Shock synergy is slightly more effective.

Holy Bolt:

  • Damage has been reduced.
  • Heal has been significantly increased.
  • Prayer synergy significantly increased.

Other changes:

  • Blessed Hammer's synergies are less effective.
  • Most other combat skills (excluding Charge) have received a damage buff.

Offensive Auras

  • Most skills from Offensive Auras have received some kind of buff.
  • Aura changes also affect mercenaries.

Defensive Auras

  • Mediation has been nerfed slightly due to an increase in character's base mana regeneration per second.
  • Most other Defensive Auras have been buffed.
  • Aura changes also affect mercenaries.

Plus many more changes...

Patch #1 (Bedrock) has incomplete patch notes.