I'd like to announce the new Path of Diablo Launcher:

  • The Path of Diablo Launcher has been significantly changed. It will now automatically update itself. It also contains an improved news section and server status.
  • Path of Diablo can now be installed on any Diablo II Lord of Destruction installation including the latest official release (1.14d).
  • Path of Diablo no longer overwrites any files in your Diablo II folder. It is entirely self-contained and non-invasive. It also does not change your gateway settings in the registries. This means if you install PoD in any LoD installation, you can switch between the two game versions (including online) by just opening the game via the Diablo shortcut or Path of Diablo shortcut depending on which you wish to play.
  • Path of Diablo‚Äôs gateway settings will be found in the settings menu you see while in-game.
  • The launcher will now automatically download and install Glide if you enable 3dfx without the files. Coming Soon

This will be the new installation video:

Important for returning players: please uninstall your current PoD launcher first before downloading the newest one.

Important for returning players who use Glide 3dfx: You will need to reinstall glide using these new instructions.

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