Runewizard has been updated and has now been open sourced on Github so that anyone can help edit it if i'm too busy. And thanks to Qord for helping me finish updating it.

Build Planner

As many of you know, BetweenWalls had previously created a build planner for Path of Diablo called "Portal", however it had not been updated for the last couple patches. Qord and I have updated it and forked it into a new repository on Github so that going forward anyone can help contribute to the updated version.

Check out the updated planner at

Map Editing

Want to help us by creating new Relic maps? We have created a guide that helps streamline the process of getting into map editing and we plan to even make some videos on it. With your help, we can add more relics for the next update. If your interesting in trying out our guide and map editing, we would appreciate your help and your feedback on the experience so we can continue reducing the barrier to entry. Please DM @GreenDude on our Discord.

New Forgotten Passwords System

Thanks to the help of Sizzles, we have set up a password recovery system for users who forgot their game passwords. Now, when you reach the game login, you will be able to click on Account Management and then Forgot Password. You can then enter your account name and the email you registered on that account. Note: If you had never registered an email on the account then this system will not work for security reasons. Feel free to DM @GreenDude on our Discord if you both forgot your password and do not have an email associated with your account.

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