I hope you are all enjoying the new realm server. The server is performing well now but we would like to perform a hardware upgrade on it. While the down time on our end can be very short (a simple restart), we are obligated to keep the server offline while the technicians at the datacenter apply the hardware upgrade. Since i'm not entirely sure how long the technician will take, the ETA has been set to 10-40 mins. Ideally it will be done in just a few minutes.

This reset will also wipe the friends list. This is necessary in order to fix it, so you will need to re-add your friends when the server comes back online. Also due to popular demand the characters in your character selection screen will be ordered by level starting from the highest level at the top. This change will come into affect after the restart.

Unfortunately global chat 2.0 is not yet available but we'll add it to the game as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Our host told us they are obligated to move our data to a more powerful server and that it will take between 40 and 60 minutes unfortunately.

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