The new realm is now available and we want to move all players onto it. Not only will your characters continue to exist on this one (while the old realm will be wiped) but also we want as many people on it as possible to stress test the server before we host a ladder reset.

To join simply join a singleplayer or multiplayer game and open up the Settings button near your HP. Change the ip to then close the entire game and reboot. Alternatively you can edit your config.cfg file in your Path of Diablo installation folder if you know how.You no longer need to change IP. Your current settings will redirect you to the new server automatically now.

The servers page will show the servers ready for play on the new realm in bold letters while we run two realm simultaneously. Again at some point we will close the old realm once we are certain the new server is running well so if you care about your characters you should move right away.

Accounts were transfered a few days ago which means if you are a new player and your account does not yet exist on the new realm, please contact a moderator on reddit or discord so the account can be setup for you. Don't worry the characters will be transferred to that account.

Thanks everyone for helping us test the new server. I really hope it goes smoothly.

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Posted by GreenDude, 2 years 7 months 28 days ago