As you may be aware; we've been hard at work on a new server for us to move to in attempt to get much better performance, especially while under heavy load. This new server is ready but untested. We will take down the current realm and transfer a copy of all characters. Then we will bring both servers online and encourage players to move to the new realm. This will effectively create two temporary "timelines" where you can progress one character without affecting the other. Eventually the current realm will be shutdown and their characters will be wiped. This means players who are currently enjoying PoD should move to the new realm and play on it because this one will not be wiped. However, if for whatever reason we encounter some kind of critical issue on the new server, we will still have the old server ready as backup.

It is imperative that we test the new server as much as possible before a ladder reset so we can discover all the bugs (if any) and solve them. Details on how to switch to the new realm will be available once the transfer is complete. Thank you everyone for your patience. I'm excited (and very nervous) about this big milestone.

Estimated downtime: 2-4 hours.

Note: our website's data may be inaccurate during the first day or two of the new server because it will still be collecting data from the old realm until we are sure everything is stable.

Update: The data transfer was slower than expected so this may take an additional hour

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