The current ladder rankings will be saved and archived on Oct 21st. This means your character's rank on the ladder at that moment will be saved on our website at In the following day or days, the profile achievements will be distributed for top 5 in each class.

The server will remain available and playable after Oct 21st and your characters will still be tagged as "ladder". The only difference is that exp gained after Oct 21st will only be reflected on the in-game ladder but not our website ladder. This is so that players can continue playing and having fun but competitive players have an end date to play by.

Usually the end date for the ladder rankings is closer to a ladder reset but this time we are ending it early because we plan on moving to a new server very soon and this will complicate things for competitive players as there may be heavy down times and we are not certain that the in-game ladder system will survive the transfer. Ultimately we want to preserve the integrity of the ladder rankings by ending it now before major server work is started. Remember: This is merely an end date for competitive players to play by for ranking results. This not a ladder reset. Once the major server work is done we will be able to figure out an appropriate time for Season 7.

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Posted by GreenDude, 2 years 9 months 3 days ago