Merry Christmas everyone!

I just wanted to share an update before we enter the holiday break.

First off; based on PoE's schedule and the time since our last reset, it seems like an ideal time for a ladder reset would be early February. I don't have an exact date yet but hopefully this will answer this popular question.

While you guys are enjoying PoE, we are working on some new PoD stuff. We are currently planning to move the website to a much better host in order to avoid the same website issues as last ladder.

I'm also working on setting up a new realm. Since you guys were generous enough with patreon support, we were able to afford another realm server which I'm setting up and running tests on in an attempt to either fully move to a new host or to at least have a backup one ready for the big reset.

We also got some really amazing server deals during november which means we will be adding three very powerful servers to our list next month. They should be very stable and capable of handling a lot of users. I'm very happy with the deal we got.

I'm also working on Patch#13 which will release alongside the next ladder reset. It has quite a few changes already including something I've been working on for a long time that is nearly done.

A big thank you to all our patrons who continue to support PoD. Happy holidays everybody!

Posted by GreenDude, 3 years 7 months 2 days ago