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A few thoughts on the layout for the main page:

  • No runes are listed, so the "Runes and Gems" category can be renamed
  • Item-Only Skills would fit better with other skills, instead of with item changes. The items that were changed to include the skills are listed in the Uniques/Runewords/Sets categories
  • The gem changes may fit better in the "Special Items" page alongside changes for Arrows, Bolts, Potions, boots, etc.
  • "Monster Modifiers" is a small enough category that it can fit in the other categories
  • "Monsters" category is also very small (1/3 of a page) and could be combined with "Bosses"
  • Since there is extra space, the "Misc" category could be split up to help prevent people from overlooking the link for guides. I would suggest leaving "Dungeoneering", "Mercenaries", and "Cube Recipes" together, and moving the others to a new column.
  • The Character Attribute categories are all short and might be better as a single category, so new players don't have to hop between so many pages to learn what was changed.

Selfless (talk) 23:05, 6 February 2020 (UTC)

External pages

Analytics page:

Major Changes from Vanilla

There are some changes that don't really fit in any of the categories listed on the main page and aren't listed on the wiki. I think the main page could be organized so that some of this stuff is linked to, but with it locked, I don't see a good place to make page(s) for it. Many of these changes are listed in the 2018 reddit guide by redmic.


  • The inventory has been increased in size from 10x4 to 10x9, and charms only work when placed in the original 10x4 space (charm inventory)
  • The stash has been increased in size from 6x8 to 10x10
  • You may now create up to 18 characters per account (use the arrow keys to go up/down the list)
  • Characters are automatically permanent instead of needing 2 hours of game time to become that way
  • Fast Self-Muling: Games become permed after 30 seconds and persist for 5 minutes without anyone present
  • Quickly move items to stash or ground via control/shift clicking
  • Slaying the Cow King no longer prevents players from opening a portal to the secret cow level
  • Multiple Shrine effects can be active simultaneously
  • new Move Only skill allows players to move around without attacking or casting accidentally
  • Item drops are set at "Players 8" (as if there are always 8 players in the game)
  • Rune droprates increase less exponentially and more linearly - higher runes are still increasingly rare, but less rare than they were
  • Some areas have been removed:
    • Act I Cave (in Cold Plains) is now only a single level (was 2)
    • Act I Crypt (in Burial Chambers) is gone
    • Act I Jail now has 2 levels (down from 3)
    • Act I Catacombs now has 3 levels (down from 4)
    • Act I Forgotten Tower entrance level is gone
    • Act II Stony Tomb (in Rocky Waste) is now only a single level (was 2)
    • Act II Maggot Lair now has 2 levels (down from 3)
    • Act III Ruined Fane (in Kurast Causeway) is gone
    • Act III Disused Reliquary (in Kurast Causeway) is gone
  • Allies' gear can be inspected
  • Advanced Character Sheet: see many stats you couldn't see before ("8" is the default hotkey)
  • Options to automatically party up or permit loot when players join
  • Screen info (game name/pass, difficulty, etc) is customizable and includes a timer
  • Global chat system (type /chat)
  • "First to reach level..." announcements
  • Games can be created with a specific server by entering it (e.g. GS 1) into the third input field (previously called Game Description)
  • Servers now reset every 3 hours (time since last reset is shown when games are created)
  • The game list shows all joinable public games instead of just Normal, Nightmare, or Hell games (games can be filtered on the PoD site)

BetweenWalls (talk) 04:20, 16 May 2020 (UTC)