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Edit Permissions

The Loot Filtration Codes page is uneditable to prevent purposefully omitted codes from being added.

Unavailable Codes

Some items/affixes aren't listed because they don't have codes:

Description Item Appearance
melee splash Melee attacks deal splash damage
skill charges example: Level 4 Telekinesis [30/30 charges]
chance to cast example: 8% Chance to cast level 5 Chain Lightning on attack


Ideas for improving the page:

1. Organize codes for item bases in 3 columns (normal, exceptional, elite) instead of a single column

2. Separate codes into categories such as "Potions" or "Quest Items"

3. Potential changes for individual entries:

Code Description New Description or (Change) Reason
tch Torch (remove) not a code
cm4 Hoardrim Sigil (enchant charm) (remove or reorganize) removed from game
ma1 Dark Cavern Relic - Removed Patch 12 (remove or reorganize) removed from game
ma3 Abandoned Precinct Relic - Removed Patch 12 (remove or reorganize) removed from game
cx8 Orb of Enchantment (remove or reorganize) removed from game
mgl Bracers Chain Gloves incorrect name
pad Ancient Shield Kurast Shield incorrect name
6bs Shillelah Shillelagh typo
7fb Colossal Sword Colossus Sword typo
amf MatriarchalJavelin Matriarchal Javelin missing space
mss Mephisto SoulStone Mephisto's Soulstone typo
std Standard Standard of Heroes incomplete info