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The following special items have been added to Path of Diablo, plus other important item changes not located elsewhere.

Special Items

Melee Splash Jewel

  • A jewel that modifies melee attacks to deal damage in a cone-shaped area behind the targeted enemy.

Orb of Corruption

  • A consumable item that "corrupts" a unique/set/rare/magic item granting it new properties, in some cases even reforging it into a totally new item.


  • A consumable item which moves the character and nearby party members to a map. Multiple versions exist for different maps. For more info about maps, see the Dungeoneering page.

Other Item Changes

Arrows and Bolts

  • Arrows and Bolts can now drop magic or rare with a wide variety of mods: list of Arrow/Bolt affixes. (Aventurine #9)
  • Arrows and Bolts can now be gambled at the vendors (Edenite #12)
  • Significantly increased the max quantity of Arrows and Bolts, and they don't deplete when used (Obsidian #6)

Throwing Weapons

  • Significantly increased the max quantity of Throwing Weapons and Javelins (Obsidian #6)


  • Full rejuvenation potions now heal for 70% of health and mana (down from 100%) (Aventurine #9)
  • Super life potions now heal 400 (up from 320) and Greater life potions now heal for 200 (up from 180) (Aventurine #9)
  • Antidote and Thawing potions no longer grant bonuses to maximum resistances (Kyanite #11)


  • Maximum kick damage on boots has been set to 1.5x the minimum damage which may cause an increase or decrease in maximum kick damage depending on the original range for the boots (Serandite #14)


  • Increased the durability of all weapons by 50% (Graphite #15)

Crushing Blow

  • Prime Evils = Melee 1/32 (Ranged 1/64) (Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal, Baal Clone, Diablo Clone, Lilith, Uber Duriel, Uber Izual, Uber Baal, Uber Meph, Uber Diablo and all relic bosses) (Kyanite #11)


  • Diamonds now add flat damage instead of increased damage vs undead, when added to weapons
  • Skulls now reduce physical damage taken instead of dealing damage to attackers, when added to shields