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Melee Splash Jewels

Melee Splash will deal 100% of normal attack damage in a AoE cone when you hit an enemy.
The skill you attack with itself therefore does not add to the splash damage. So for example if I attack with Sacrifice and Might, Might will increase normal attack damage so it will increase splash damage to.
However Sacrifice does not increase normal attack and therefore adds no bonus to melee splash.
Also, On Striking (hit) effects work on the splash AoE but not On Kill or On Attack effects.
If you want to see how much splash damage you do, or what affects the splash damage, simply equip Normal Attack on your left click and look at the damage.

Orb of Corruption

A mysterious orb. It corrupts an item granting it new properties, in some cases even reforging it into a totally new item. Orb of corruption.png
You can't corrupt an item that has sockets already. Ethereal items cannot be corrupted. However, you can socket quest a corrupted item. You can upgrade a corrupted item (for instance from normal to exceptional).
You can corrupt an item only once; "Corrupted" will display on the item once corruption worked.

Recipe: To use it put it in the Horadric Cube with another item and press the Transmute button twice.

Corruption Results

Possible Outcomes of Socketable Gear
Outcomes Odds
No Changes 25%
Transforms into a new Rare Item 25%
Gains Sockets 25%
Gains a Corruption mod 25%
Possible Outcomes of Unsocketable Gear
Outcomes Odds
No Changes 50%
Transforms into a new Rare Item 25%
Gains a Corruption mod 25%
Source for corruption mods: http://imgur.com/a/hAsxX

Patch Notes

  • These changes are listed in descending order from newest to oldest!
  • Orb of Corruptions are slightly rarer
  • Orb of Corruptions now only start dropping at monster level 40 or higher
  • Orb of Corruptions no longer work on white items
  • Orb of Corruptions drop a little less often
  • A few mods granted by Orb of Corruptions have changed. This is a buff
  • Some of the stats spawned by Orb of Corruptions have been buffed while others have been changed to different and better stats. This should make the implicit stats more appealing
  • The odds of getting additional sockets via Orb of Corruptions remains the same, however the odds of getting more than two sockets has been reduced

Orb Of Enchantment

This orb can be combined with non-socketed helms to add a special skill-related stat. Below are some examples:

The orb can be used on an already Enchanted item which will first destroy the previous Enchant and then apply a new one.

List of enchantments:

+3-5 Seconds to Frenzy Duration

+40-60% Frenzy Damage Converted to Magic

Corpse Explosion Deals +5-7% of Maximum Corpse Life

Slows Targets by 15% During Whirlwind

Lightning Surge Deals 8-10% of Lightning Damage as Extra Physical

+50% increased Glacial Spike Area of Effect

Raised Skeletons have 10-15% Chance of Open Wounds

Bone Spear Fires 2 Additional Projectiles

Can Summon One Additional Decoy

+40% to Freezing Arrow Area of Effect

Can Summon One Additional Dire Wolf

Holy Bolt Fires 2 Additional Projectiles

Concentrate gains +10% Avoid Projectiles

Fire Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows

Cold Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows

Ice Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows

Magic Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows

10-15% Reduced Dashing Strike Cooldown

Summoned Grizzly Bear Cannot Be Cursed

Lightning Bolt Fires 2 Additional Projectiles

List of Corruption mods
Inventory Slot Outcomes Value
Helm Strength 5 to 10
Energy 5 to 10
Life Gained on Melee Hit + Ranged Hit 10 to 14 + 5 to 10
Life 10 to 15
Enhanced Defense 20% to 25%
Boots Fire Resistance 10% to 20%
All Resistances 5% to 10%
Dexterity 5 to 10
Lightning Resistance 10% to 20%
Reduced Cooldown 10%
Gloves Increased Attack Speed 10%
Cold Resistance 10% to 20%
All Resistance 5% to 10%
Life Gained on Melee Hit + Ranged Hit 5 to 10 + 5 to 10
Poison Reistance 10% to 20%
Amulet All Resistances 5%
All Skills 1
Regenerate Mana 15%
Magic Find 10%
Life 12 to 18
Rings Faster Cast Rate 10%
Faster Run/Walk 10%
Life 15
Physical Damage Taken Reduced By 5% to 6%
Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 10%
Armour Increased Attack Speed 10%
Enhanced Defense 15% to 20%
Bonus to Attack Rating 10% to 20%
Faster Cast Rate 10%
Increase Maximum Life 2%
Weapons Enhanced Damage 35% to 50%
Deadly Strike 10%
Max Damage Per Level 1
Crushing Blow 10%
Increased Attack Speed 10% to 15%
Shield Increased Chance to Block 10%
Increased Fire Damage 10%
Increased Cold Damage 10%
Increased Lightning Damage 10%
Increased Poison Damage 10%
Belt Pierce 8%
Maximum Lightning Resistance 2%
Maximum Poison Resistance 2%
Maximum Fire Resistance 2%
Maximum Cold Resistance 2%
Bolt/Arrow All Resistances 5%
Life Gained on Ranged Hit 4 to 6
Mana Gained on Ranged Hit 2 to 4
Increased Attack Speed 10%
Vitality +5 to +10