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*'''Life Cost:''' Costs 5% max health per attack
*'''Life Cost:''' Costs 5% max health per attack
*'''Patch Notes'''
*'''Now deals 150% of base damage and received a 50% bonus damage increase at Level 1'''
*'''Damage to self reduced from 8% to 5%'''
== Holy Bolt ==
== Holy Bolt ==

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Lore: At what price glory? By sanctifying his weapon with some of his own blood, a Paladin of Zakarum is able to increase his efficiency in combat by forfeiting a portion of his own physical essence. This sacrifice is a symbol of faith that even the lowliest Paladin must submit before the Light, in order that he may prove himself worthy of victory.

  • Skill Description Increased accuracy and damage at the cost of life
  • Required Level: 1
  • Damage at level 1: Deals 150%
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Synergies: Redemption: 10% increased Damage per level / Fanaticism: 5% Damage per level
  • Life Cost: Costs 5% max health per attack

  • Patch Notes
  • Now deals 150% of base damage and received a 50% bonus damage increase at Level 1
  • Damage to self reduced from 8% to 5%

Holy Bolt

Lore: The Paladin can learn to summon bolts formed of pure, righteous energies. These projectiles are vessels of life, bane to the undead, and succor to the faithful. At the battle of Taelohn Bridge, the villagers feared the day was lost when an army of the walking dead besieged them. Just as the battered militia was about to be overwhelmed, a small band of Paladins appeared. Wading through the rotting carcasses of the living dead and hurling spheres of pure Light that expelled the evil controlling the battling corpses while renewing the strength of the remaining villagers.

  • Skill Description: A bolt of divine energy that damages enemies or heals allies.
  • Required Level: 6
  • Damage at level 1: 8-16 Magic Damage
  • Healing at level 1: Heals 10-20
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Synergies: Blessed Hammer: +35% Magic Damage Per Level / Fist of the Heavens: +35% Magic Damage Per Level / Prayer: +35% Life Healed Per Level
  • Mana cost: 4

  • Patch Notes
  • Damage has been reduced
  • Heal has been significantly increased
  • Prayer synergy significantly increased

Fist of the Heavens

Lore: This spell allows the Paladin to summon the power of holy vengeance. Manifesting as lightning from the heavens, these bolts rain down from the sky, exploding into a thousand shafts of light that radiate outwards to banish the evil from the battlefield.

  • Skill Description: Lightning strikes your target as holy bolts seek out nearby enemies.
  • Required Level: 30
  • Damage at level 1: Primary Target: Lightning Damage: 150-200 / Holy Bolts magic damage: 46-57
  • Prerequisites: Sacrifice [1], Holy Bolt [6], Zeal [12], Vengeance [18], Blessed Hammer [18], Conversion [24]
  • Synergies: Holy Bolt: +15% Holy Bolt Damage Per Level / Holy Shock: +8% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Mana cost: 15

  • Patch Notes
  • The cooldown has been removed
  • Holy Shock synergy is slightly more effective