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  • Increased the durability of all weapons by 50% (Graphite #15)
  • Crushing Blow has reduced effectiveness with values listed below for melee attacks (halved for ranged attacks) (Kyanite #11)
  • Normal monsters = 1/4
  • Players and Mercs = 1/10
  • Bosses and Super Uniques = 1/8
  • Prime Evils = 1/32 (act bosses, uber bosses, relic bosses)

Arrows and Bolts

  • Arrows and Bolts can now drop magic or rare with a wide variety of mods. (Aventurine #9)
  • Arrows and Bolts can now be gambled at the vendors (Edenite #12)
  • Significantly increased the max quantity of Arrows and Bolts, and they don't deplete when used (Obsidian #6)

Throwing Weapons

  • Significantly increased the max quantity of Throwing Weapons and Javelins (Obsidian #6)


  • Maximum kick damage on boots has been set to 1.5x the minimum damage which may cause an increase or decrease in maximum kick damage depending on the original range for the boots (Serandite #14)

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