Orb of Enchantment & Horadrim Sigil

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This orb can be combined with Horadrim sigil charm to add a special skill-related stat. Below are some examples:

The orb can be used on an already Enchanted item which will first destroy the previous Enchant and then apply a new one.

Orb of Enchantment can drop from Tier 1-4 maps. Horadrim Sigil drops from Tier 4 boss.

Recipe: To use it put it in the Horadric Cube with a Horadrim Sigil charm and press the Transmute button twice to confirm.

List of enchantments:

Class Improved skill Description
Amazon Cold Arrow Cold Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows
Amazon Fire Arrow Fire Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows
Amazon Freezing Arrow +40% to Freezing Arrow Radius
Amazon Ice Arrow Ice Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows
Amazon Magic Arrow Magic Arrow Fires 2 Additional Arrows
Amazon Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Fires 2 Additional Projectiles
Amazon Phase Run +5 Seconds to Phase Run Duration
Amazon Summon Decoy Can Summon One Additional Decoy
Assassin Fists of Ember +30-35 Fire Damage Per Fists of Ember Charge
Assassin Fists of Ice +25-30 Cold Damage Per Fists of Ice Charge
Assassin Fire Blast +100% to Area of Effect Radius
Barbarian Frenzy +3-5 Seconds to Frenzy Duration
Barbarian Frenzy +40-60% Frenzy Damage Converted to Magic
Barbarian Whirlwind Slows Targets by 15% During Whirlwind
Druid Armageddon +6-7 Seconds to Armageddon
Druid Summon Dire Wolf Can Summon One Additional Dire Wolf
Druid Summon Grizzly Bear Summoned Grizzly Bear Cannot Be Cursed
Druid Rabies -(10-15)% to enemy poison resist affected by rabies
Necromancer Bone Spear Bone Spear Fires 2 Additional Projectiles
Necromancer Corpse Explosion Corpse Explosion Deals +5-7% of Maximum Corpse Life
Necromancer Raise Skeleton Raised Skeletons have 10-15% Chance of Open Wounds
Paladin Concentrate Concentrate gains +10% Avoid Projectiles
Paladin Dashing Strike 10-15% Reduced Dashing Strike Cooldown
Paladin Holy Bolt Holy Bolt Fires 2 Additional Projectiles
Paladin Holy Fire +100% Increased Holy Fire Area Damage Rate
Sorceress Glacial Spike +50% increased Glacial Spike Area of Effect
Sorceress Hydra Can summon one additional Hydra
Sorceress Lightning Surge Lightning Surge Deals 8-10% of Lightning Damage as Extra Physical