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| Skeleton Mage
| Skeleton Mage
| +30-50% Increased Skeleton Mage projectile speed
| +30-60% Increased Skeleton Mage projectile speed
| Corpse Explosion
| Corpse Explosion

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This orb can be combined with the Horadrim Sigil unique grand charm to add a special skill-related stat.

The sigil will always drop from Nihlathak in Normal and can sometimes drop from Nihlathak in Nightmare and Hell. The Orb of Enchantment can sometimes drop from Nihlathak (in Nightmare and Hell) and from the Forgotten Desert relic boss. The orb can also drop from any monster in the game just like the Orb of Corruption does.

Below are some examples:

The orb can be used on an already Enchanted item which will first destroy the previous Enchant and then apply a new one.

Recipe: To use it put it in the Horadric Cube with a Horadrim Sigil charm and press the Transmute button twice to confirm.


Improved skill Description
Cold Arrow Cold Arrow fires 2 additional arrows
Fire Arrow Fire Arrow fires 2 additional arrows
Ice Arrow Ice Arrow fires 2 additional arrows
Freezing Arrow +40% to Freezing Arrow radius
Magic Arrow +25-35% Magic Arrow damage converted to magic
Magic Arrow Magic Arrow fires 2 additional arrows
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Fires 2 additional projectiles
Phase Run +5 Seconds to Phase Run duration
Summon Decoy Can summon one additional Decoy


Improved skill Description
Fists of Ember +30-35 Fire damage per Fists of Ember charge
Fists of Ice +25-30 Cold damage per Fists of Ice charge
Fire Blast +100% to Fire Blast area of effect radius
Charged Bolt Sentry +40-60% increased Charged Bolt Sentry projectile speed


Improved skill Description
Frenzy +3-5 Seconds to Frenzy duration
Frenzy +40-60% Frenzy damage converted to magic
Whirlwind Slows targets by 15% during Whirlwind
Concentrate Concentrate gains +10% chance to avoid projectiles


Improved skill Description
Armageddon +6-7 seconds to Armageddon duration
Summon Dire Wolf Can summon one additional Dire Wolf
Summon Grizzly Bear Summoned Grizzly Bear cannot be cursed
Rabies -(10-15)% to enemy poison resist affected by Rabies


Improved skill Description
Bone Spear Bone Spear fires 2 additional projectiles
Skeleton Mage +30-60% Increased Skeleton Mage projectile speed
Corpse Explosion Corpse Explosion deals +5-7% of maximum corpse life
Raise Skeleton Raised Skeletons have 10-15% chance of open wounds


Improved skill Description
Dashing Strike 10-15% Reduced Dashing Strike cooldown
Holy Bolt Holy Bolt fires 2 additional projectiles
Sanctuary +50% Increased Sanctuary area damage rate
Holy Fire +100% Increased Holy Fire area damage rate


Improved skill Description
Glacial Spike +50% increased Glacial Spike area of effect
Hydra Can summon one additional Hydra
Lightning Surge Lightning Surge deals +8-10% Lightning Damage as extra physical damage