Orb of Corruption

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Description: A mysterious orb. It corrupts an item granting it new properties and, in some cases, even reforging it into a totally new item.

Orb of corruption.png

Recipe: Place the Orb of Corruption into the Horadric Cube with another item and press the Transmute button twice.

  • Any item can be corrupted with the recipe above, EXCEPT as follows (cannot be corrupted):
  • Normal / White Items
  • Items that already have sockets
  • Ethereal items

An item can only be corrupted once, which will display the work "Corrupted" in red text under the item's descrption. Any subsequent attempts at corruption have no effect (and will not consume an Orb of Corruption).

Items that have been upgraded (e.g. normal -> exception -> elite) can still be corrupted, and vice versa. However, some items may benefit from being upgraded prior to corruption to increase the maximum number of possible sockets obtained by a successful corruption.

  • For example, Skin of the Vipermagi has a base maximum of 2 sockets (Serpentskin Armor) but an upgraded maximum of 4 sockets (Wyrmhide)
Possible Outcomes of Socketable Gear
Result Socketable Gear Unsocketable Gear
No Changes 25% 50%
Transforms into a new Rare Item 25% 25%
Gains Sockets(*) 25% 0%
Gains a Corruption mod 25% 25%

(*)Gains a random number of sockets from 1 to the maximum number possible per base item

Corruption Results

List of Corruption mods
Inventory Slot Outcomes Value
Helm Strength 5 to 10
Energy 5 to 10
Life Gained on Melee/Ranged Hit 10 to 14 / 5 to 10
Life 10 to 15
Enhanced Defense 20% to 25%
Boots Fire Resistance 10% to 20%
All Resistances 5% to 10%
Dexterity 5 to 10
Lightning Resistance 10% to 20%
Reduced Cooldown 10%
Gloves Increased Attack Speed 10%
Cold Resistance 10% to 20%
All Resistance 5% to 10%
Life Gained on Melee/Ranged Hit 5 to 10 / 5 to 10
Poison Reistance 10% to 20%
Amulet All Resistances 5%
All Skills 1
Regenerate Mana 15%
Magic Find 10%
Life 12 to 18
Rings Faster Cast Rate 10%
Faster Run/Walk 10%
Life 15
Physical Damage Taken Reduced By 5% to 6%
Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 10%
Armour Increased Attack Speed 10%
Enhanced Defense 15% to 20%
Bonus to Attack Rating 10% to 20%
Faster Cast Rate 10%
Increase Maximum Life 2%
Weapons Enhanced Damage 35% to 50%
Deadly Strike 10%
Max Damage Per Level 1
Crushing Blow 10%
Increased Attack Speed 10% to 15%
Shield Increased Chance to Block 10%
Increased Fire Damage 10%
Increased Cold Damage 10%
Increased Lightning Damage 10%
Increased Poison Damage 10%
Belt Pierce 8%
Maximum Lightning Resistance 2%
Maximum Poison Resistance 2%
Maximum Fire Resistance 2%
Maximum Cold Resistance 2%
Bolt/Arrow All Resistances 5%
Life Gained on Ranged Hit 4 to 6
Mana Gained on Ranged Hit 2 to 4
Increased Attack Speed 10%
Vitality +5 to +10