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Editor's Note: Please note that this article is still being worked on for formatting and presentation. All patch notes have been added for all skills, but skills still need to be evaluated for net buffs or nerfs. Additionally, I also want to write a description for all skills, including pictures for new skills. Finally I want to add level charts for every skill in the game. So while the information below is correct, there will be better and clearly infromation coming soon (tm).

Character Base Stats:

  • Base mana regeneration increased from 0.83% to 1.66%.
  • Starts with +100 stamina.
  • Necromancer’s life per level increased to 2 (up from 1.5)


Curse Skills:

== Note:== Curses no longer have paths connecting themselves. You may put a point into any curse of your choice as long as you meet the level requirement.


  • Radius has been reduced and duration increased.

Amplify Damage:

  • Radius has been increased and duration decreased.

Miscellaneous Curse Changes:

  • Most other curses have had various different buffs.

Poison and Bone Skills:

Deadly Poison (Poison Dagger): == Note:== This skill has been renamed "Deadly Poison".

  • Now gains 2% damage per level from Poison Explosion and Poison Nova.
  • Now a level 1 skill.
  • Now deals poison damage over two seconds.


  • Now shoots a maximum of 12 missiles.
  • Damage scaling at high levels reduced slightly.
  • Damage has been doubled.
  • Teeth's projectiles no longer "shotgun" (damage from projectiles from the same cast no longer hit the same target.
  • Teeth’s damage has been slightly reduced at lower levels.

Bone Armor:

  • Now requires Teeth.

Bone Armor:

  • Bone Prison has been temporarily made unusable. You can still level it for the Bone Armor synergy.

Corpse Explosion:

  • Corpse Explosion's damage has been reduced from (60-100)% to (40-60)% of corpse life.

Poison Explosion:

  • Base radius has increased by 50%.

Miscellaneous Poison and Bone Spell Changes:

  • Every other damaging skill in this tab got some kind of damage increase.

Summoning Skills:

== Note:== Tree pathing has been completely redisigned. Skeleton Mastery:

  • Skeleton Mastery has been removed.

Golem Mastery:

  • Has been removed.

Summon Mastery:

  • replaced minion life and minion damage


  • Has been added. This spell teleports you and all your minions to target location.
  • At Level 1 the cooldown is 10 seconds. Every level reduces the cooldown by 0.2 seconds. The cooldown is locked at a minimum of 2 seconds.

Clay Golem:

  • Buffed life values. Golems now also receive bonus life from levels.

Blood Golem:

  • Buffed life values. Golems now also receive bonus life from levels.
  • Blood Golem now has an aura that grants allies "Life gained on hit".

Iron Golem:

  • Buffed life values. Golems now also receive bonus life from levels.
  • Base life has been reduced in Hell.
  • has been given the mod: 100% chance to Open Wounds.
  • attack damage increased by about 30%.
  • Blood Golem’s leech now shares less life with his owner.

Fire Golem:

  • Buffed life values. Golems now also receive bonus life from levels.
  • Fire Golem no longer double dips his fire damage due to his Holy Fire.
  • Holy Fire level reduced slightly.

Raise Skeleton:

  • Raised damage Scaling.

Raise Skeletal Mage:

  • Damage can now be seen on the tooltip for Lightning, Fire and Cold.
  • Raise Skeletal Mage have had their damage increased.
  • Raise Skeletal Mage’s damage at early levels has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug with Poison Mages having exceptionally high damage.