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The following changes have been made to mercenaries in Path of Diablo.

Unless otherwise noted, Mercenary auras max out at level 18.

By Act

Act 1 Rogue

  • Now attacks with Fire Arrow (has been reworked).
  • Now has Inner Sight (has been reworked).
  • Can now equip crossbows. (bugged in current patch)

Act 2 Desert

  • All 3 difficulties (Normal/Nightmare/Hell) now use the same auras:

Act 3 Iron Wolf

  • Now attacks with Vengeance (their own version with reduced multipliers), no longer casts spells
  • Now have Defensive Auras:
  • Has an additional 15% chance of ignoring direct damage (does not apply to enemy AoE spells).
  • Still cannot block despite use of shields (cannot be fixed)

Act 5 Barbarian Mercenaries

  • Now attacks with Bash exclusively (has been reworked).
  • Now uses level 3 Might aura.

- Mercs hired from Normal difficulty have better stats than from NM / Hell hired mercs