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Act 1 Rogue Mercenaries

  • Now utilize the new Fire Arrow with a burning trail.

Act 2 Desert Mercenaries

  • All 3 difficulties (Normal/Nightmare/Hell) use the same auras.
  • Offensive uses Blessed Aim, Defensive uses Defiance, Combat uses Prayer.

Act 3 Iron Wolf Mercenaries

  • No longer cast spells, instead use Vengeance (their own version with reduced multipliers).
  • Now use auras.
  • Offensive uses Meditation, Defensive uses Cleansing, Combat uses Thorns.

Act 5 Barbarian Mercenaries

  • Now use Might aura.
  • Now always use Bash (converts 70% of phys to mag).
  • No longer can use Stun.

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