Melee Splash Jewel

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A new jewel that contains the new mod melee attacks deal splash damage.

How to Acquire

The melee splash jewel is a new magical item capable of dropping from all monsters in all difficulties, starting from act 1 normal. The same mod also spawns randomly in rare jewels at all item levels.


When socketed in any gear slot, it applies a new attack modifier that adds splash damage in a cone-shaped area of effect around any enemy targeted by a melee attack. Each monster in the area of effect rolls a separate chance to hit, even if the initial target is missed. This jewel helps melee builds compete with the clearing speed of elemental casters, as melee characters are now capable of killing multiple enemies with a single swing. See below for FAQ:


  • Melee Splash damage is ever equal to your Normal Attack tooltip damage. To determine this, switch to Normal Attack and open your character sheet. Consequently, this damage is not affected by skill-based damage modifiers. For example, a Normal Attack while Might aura is active on right-click will be applied to Melee Splash damage as well; however, subsequently selecting Sacrifice on left-click and attacking will not apply any additional Melee Splash damage.
  • Each enemy within the effective cone of Melee Splash damage will roll its own chance to hit depending on the usual formula. Melee skills bonuses to Attack Rating do apply to this calculation
  • This stat does not work with AoE skills such as Whirlwind.
  • On Striking (hit) effects will apply to all enemies the splash AoE but not On Kill or On Attack effects.
  • The damage dealt by melee splash jewel is ranged damage and suffers from ranged penalties, (ie: crushing blow) as well as triggering ranged life on hit instead of melee life on hit.