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1. Download an existing sound pack and extract the "data" folder within it, into your Path of Diablo folder (found inside your Diablo II installation folder) See picture

2. In the PoD Launcher enable the "Advanced" checkbox and then the "-direct" checkbox. See picture

3. If you don't need one of the sounds, just delete it from the "item" folder and the sound will change back to the original. See picture

Sound Packs

Default Pack Original sound files.

Starsurges Pack Voiced by Starsurges

Tevashi Pack Voiced by Tevashi

Unreal Tournament '99 Sound Pack Made by TYRANT00

NES Zelda Pack Made by silent_galaxy

PoEFilterSound Pack Made by ghost_exile

PoEFilterSound_veryloud Made by ghost_exile

AsusaraVoice Pack Made by ghost_exile

PoE/Voice Pack Made by Peddler

GreenDude tells you to stfu and get gud every drop Made by LaV & Darkgale

Sensor's Sound Pack Made By Sensor. Varies in length and intensity based on rarity. Scales .25, .5, 1, and above.

Neverywhere's Sound Pack Made by Neverywhere. Three samples chosen from Soundbible, overwriting the sounds for runes from and above Fal (and Hel rune), different ones for Vex+, different paper sound for maps.

Legendary SFX (HRs+Oocs) Made by alexgii. A combination of: A slightly speed up D3 Legendary sound for Highrunes, a nice DING for the OOCs and some NES ZELDA sounds for Ist, Mal, Um, Pul and Lem.

How to create custom SFX

Download Audacity and set the project to 22k hertz (bottom left).

Export files as 16 bit .wav

Place the file in the following folder structure: (wherever Diablo II is installed)/Path of Diablo/data/global/sfx/Item

The file must be named the exact same way as an existing (and supported) file. See Default Pack for the list of supported file names.

(Only 16-bit .wav @ 22050 Hz are supported)