Loot Filtration Codes

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Color Codes

Code Color
 %GREEN% Fontgreen.png (set item color)
 %DGREEN% Fontdgreen.png
 %GOLD% Fontgold.png (unique item color)
 %TAN% Fonttan.png
 %BLUE% Blue (magic item color)
 %GRAY% Gray (ethereal/socketed color)
 %WHITE% White
 %BLACK% Black (very hard to see)
 %YELLOW% Yellow (rare item color)
 %ORANGE% Orange (crafted item color)
 %PURPLE% Purple
 %RED% Red

Value References

Code Output Usage
 %PRICE% Selling price of the item ($%PRICE%) = ($100)
 %ILVL% Item level {L%ILVL%} = {L99}
 %SOCKETS% Show the item's socket count  %SOCKETS%OS = 4OS
 %CODE% Show an item's code ItemDisplay[]: %NAME% [%CODE%] = All items show their item code in square brackets []
 %NAME% Item name ItemDisplay[]: %RED%* %NAME% = Display red asterix in front of all items
 %CONTINUE% Item name edited by filter Used to apply multiple %NAME% rules. If two rules change the %NAME%, instead of 1 rule deciding the final name, you can use %CONTINUE% to edit the already edited %NAME%.
 %CLVL% Character level ItemDisplay[mp1 CLVL>14]: = Hides minor mana potions when char is lvl 15+

Item Tier Codes

Code Group
NORM Normal
EXC Exceptional
ELT Elite

Item Quality Codes

Code Quality
INF Inferior
SUP Superior
MAG Magic
UNI Unique
NMAG Non-magical (white/gray)
ETH Ethereal
RW Runeword

Class Specific Item Codes

Code Class Item
CL1 Druid pelts
CL2 Barbarian helmets
CL3 Paladin shields
CL4 Necromancer shields
CL5 Assassin weapons
CL6 Sorceress weapons
CL7 Amazon weapons

Weapon Groups

Code Group
WP1 Axes
WP2 Maces
WP3 Swords
WP4 Daggers
WP5 Throwing Weapons
WP6 Javelins
WP7 Spears
WP8 Polearms
WP9 Bows
WP10 Crossbows
WP11 Staves
WP12 Wands
WP13 Scepters
WEAPON All weapons

Armor Groups

Code Groups
EQ1 Helmets
EQ2 Body Armor
EQ3 Shields
EQ4 Gloves
EQ5 Boots
EQ6 Belts
EQ7 Circlets
ARMOR All armors

Item Codes

Code Item
key Keys (locked chests)
vps Stamina Potion
yps Antidote Potion
rvs Rejuv Potion
rvl Full Rejuv Potion
wms Thawing Potion
tbk Town Portal Book
ibk Identify Book
amu amulet
vip viper amulet
rin ring
GOLD gold
bks Bark Scroll
bkd deciphered Bark Scroll
aqv Rusted Arrows
tch Torch
cqv Rusted Bolts
tsc Town Portal Scroll
isc Identify Scroll
j34 jade figurine
g34 gold bird
bbb lam esen's tome
box Horadric Cube
tr1 Scroll of Horadric Quest Info
mss Mephisto SoulStone
ass Book of Skill
qey KhalimEye
qhr KhalimHeart
qbr KhalimBrain
ear Player Ear
gcv Chipped Amethyst
gfv Flawed Amethyst
gsv Amethyst
gzv Flawless Amethyst
gpv Perfect Amethyst
gcy Chipped Topaz
gfy Flawed Topaz
gsy Topaz
gly Flawless Topaz
gpy Perfect Topaz
gcb Chipped Saphire
gfb Flawed Saphire
gsb Saphire
glb Flawless Saphire
gpb Perfect Saphire
gcg Chipped Emerald
gfg Flawed Emerald
gsg Emerald
glg Flawless Emerald
gpg Perfect Emerald
gcr Chipped Ruby
gfr Flawed Ruby
gsr Ruby
glr Flawless Ruby
gpr Perfect Ruby
gcw Chipped Diamond
gfw Flawed Diamond
gsw Diamond
glw Flawless Diamond
gpw Perfect Diamond
hp1 Lesser Healing Potion
hp2 Light Healing Potion
hp3 Healing Potion
hp4 Strong Healing Potion
hp5 Greater Healing Potion
mp1 Lesser Mana Potion
mp2 Light Mana Potion
mp3 Mana Potion
mp4 Strong Mana Potion
mp5 Greater Mana Potion
skc Chipped Skull
skf Flawed Skull
sku Skull
skl Flawless Skull
skz Perfect Skull
cm1 Small Charm
cm2 Large Charm
cm3 Grand Charm
r01 El Rune
r02 Eld Rune
r03 Tir Rune
r04 Nef Rune
r05 Eth Rune
r06 Ith Rune
r07 Tal Rune
r08 Ral Rune
r09 Ort Rune
r10 Thul Rune
r11 Amn Rune
r12 Sol Rune
r13 Shael Rune
r14 Dol Rune
r15 Hel Rune
r16 Io Rune
r17 Lum Rune
r18 Ko Rune
r19 Fal Rune
r20 Lem Rune
r21 Pul Rune
r22 Um Rune
r23 Mal Rune
r24 Ist Rune
r25 Gul Rune
r26 Vex Rune
r27 Ohm Rune
r28 Lo Rune
r29 Sur Rune
r30 Ber Rune
r31 Jah Rune
r32 Cham Rune
r33 Zod Rune
jew Jewel
tr2 Scroll of Malah - Boost Resistances
pk1 Pandemonium Key 1
pk2 Pandemonium Key 2
pk3 Pandemonium Key 3
dhn Diablo's Horn
bey Baal's Eye
mbr Mephisto's Brain
toa Token of Absolution
tes Twisted Essence of Suffering
ceh Charged Essense of Hatred
bet Burning Essence of Terror
fed Festering Essence of Destruction
std Standard
cx5 Orb of Corruption
cm4 Hoardrim Sigil (enchant charm)
aq2 Arrows
cq2 Bolts
ma1 Dark Cavern Relic - Removed Patch 12
ma2 Forgotten Desert - Tier 4
ma3 Abandoned Precinct Relic - Removed Patch 12
ma4 Desecrated Temple Relic - Tier 1
ma5 Frigid Plateau Relic - Tier 2
ma6 Runed Chapel - Tier 3
hax Hand Axe
axe Axe
2ax Double Axe
mpi Military Pick
wax War Axe
lax Large Axe
bax Broad Axe
btx Battle Axe
gax Great Axe
gix Giant Axe
wnd Wand
ywn Yew Wand
bwn Bone Wand
gwn Grim Wand
clb Club
scp Scepter
gsc Grand Scepter
wsp War Scepter
spc Spiked Club
mac Mace
mst Morning Star
fla Flail
whm War Hammer
mau Maul
gma Great Maul
ssd Short Sword
scm Scimitar
sbr Saber
flc Falchion
crs Crystal Sword
bsd Broad Sword
lsd Long Sword
wsd War Sword
2hs Two-Handed Sword
clm Claymore
gis Giant Sword
bsw Bastard Sword
flb Flamberge
gsd Great Sword
dgr Dagger
dir Dirk
kri Kriss
bld Blade
tkf Throwing Knife
tax Throwing Axe
bkf Balanced Knife
bal Balanced Axe
jav Javelin
pil Pilum
ssp Short Spear
glv Glaive
tsp Throwing Spear
spr Spear
tri Trident
brn Brandistock
spt Spetum
pik Pike
bar Bardiche
vou Voulge
scy Scythe
pax Poleaxe
hal Halberd
wsc War Scythe
sst Short Staff
lst Long Staff
cst Gnarled Staff
bst Battle Staff
wst War Staff
sbw Short Bow
hbw Hunter's Bow
lbw Long Bow
cbw Composite Bow
sbb Short Battle Bow
lbb Long Battle Bow
swb Short War Bow
lwb Long War Bow
lxb Light Crossbow
mxb Crossbow
hxb Heavy Crossbow
rxb Repeating Crossbow
gps Rancid Gas Potion
ops Oil Potion
gpm Choking Gas Potion
opm Exploding Potion
gpl Strangling Gas Potion
opl Fulminating Potion
d33 decoy dagger
g33 Gidbinn
leg Wirt's Leg
hdm Horadric Malus
hfh Hellforge Hammer
hst Horadric Staff
msf Staff of the Kings
9ha Hatchet
9ax Cleaver
92a Twin Axe
9mp Crowbill
9wa Naga
9la Military Axe
9ba Bearded Axe
9bt Tabar
9ga Gothic Axe
9gi Ancient Axe
9wn Burnt Wand
9yw Petrified Wand
9bw Tomb Wand
9gw Grave Wand
9cl Cudgel
9sc Rune Scepter
9qs Holy Water Sprinkler
9ws Divine Scepter
9sp Barbed Club
9ma Flanged Mace
9mt Jagged Star
9fl Knout
9wh Battle Hammer
9m9 War Club
9gm Martel de Fer
9ss Gladius
9sm Cutlass
9sb Shamshir
9fc Tulwar
9cr Dimensional Blade
9bs Battle Sword
9ls Rune Sword
9wd Ancient Sword
92h Espadon
9cm Dacian Falx
9gs Tusk Sword
9b9 Gothic Sword
9fb Zweihander
9gd Executioner Sword
9dg Poignard
9di Rondel
9kr Cinquedeas
9bl Stiletto
9tk Battle Dart
9ta Francisca
9bk War Dart
9b8 Hurlbat
9ja War Javelin
9pi Great Pilum
9s9 Simbilan
9gl Spiculum
9ts Harpoon
9sr War Spear
9tr Fuscina
9br War Fork
9st Yari
9p9 Lance
9b7 Lochaber Axe
9vo Bill
9s8 Battle Scythe
9pa Partizan
9h9 Bec-de-Corbin
9wc Grim Scythe
8ss Jo Staff
8ls Quarterstaff
8cs Cedar Staff
8bs Gothic Staff
8ws Rune Staff
8sb Edge Bow
8hb Razor Bow
8lb Cedar Bow
8cb Double Bow
8s8 Short Siege Bow
8l8 Long Siege Bow
8sw Rune Bow
8lw Gothic Bow
8lx Arbalest
8mx Siege Crossbow
8hx Balista
8rx Chu-Ko-Nu
qf1 KhalimFlail
qf2 SuperKhalimFlail
ktr Katar
wrb Wrist Blade
axf Hatchet Hands
ces Cestus
clw Claws
btl Blade Talons
skr Scissors Katar
9ar Quhab
9wb Wrist Spike
9xf Fascia
9cs Hand Scythe
9lw Greater Claws
9tw Greater Talons
9qr Scissors Quhab
7ar Suwayyah
7wb Wrist Sword
7xf War Fist
7cs Battle Cestus
7lw Feral Claws
7tw Runic Talons
7qr Scissors Suwayyah
7ha Tomahawk
7ax Small Crescent
72a Ettin Axe
7mp War Spike
7wa Berserker Axe
7la Feral Axe
7ba Silver Edged Axe
7bt Decapitator
7ga Champion Axe
7gi Glorious Axe
7wn Polished Wand
7yw Ghost Wand
7bw Lich Wand
7gw Unearthed Wand
7cl Truncheon
7sc Mighty Scepter
7qs Seraph Rod
7ws Caduceus
7sp Tyrant Club
7ma Reinforced Mace
7mt Devil Star
7fl Scourge
7wh Legendary Mallet
7m7 Ogre Maul
7gm Thunder Maul
7ss Falcata
7sm Ataghan
7sb Elegant Blade
7fc Hydra Edge
7cr Phase Blade
7bs Conquest Sword
7ls Cryptic Sword
7wd Mythical Sword
72h Legend Sword
7cm Highland Blade
7gs Balrog Blade
7b7 Champion Sword
7fb Colossal Sword
7gd Colossus Blade
7dg Bone Knife
7di Mithral Point
7kr Fanged Knife
7bl Legend Spike
7tk Flying Knife
7ta Flying Axe
7bk Winged Knife
7b8 Winged Axe
7ja Hyperion Javelin
7pi Stygian Pilum
7s7 Balrog Spear
7gl Ghost Glaive
7ts Winged Harpoon
7sr Hyperion Spear
7tr Stygian Pike
7br Mancatcher
7st Ghost Spear
7p7 War Pike
7o7 Ogre Axe
7vo Colossus Voulge
7s8 Thresher
7pa Cryptic Axe
7h7 Great Poleaxe
7wc Giant Thresher
6ss Walking Stick
6ls Stalagmite
6cs Elder Staff
6bs Shillelah
6ws Archon Staff
6sb Spider Bow
6hb Blade Bow
6lb Shadow Bow
6cb Great Bow
6s7 Diamond Bow
6l7 Crusader Bow
6sw Ward Bow
6lw Hydra Bow
6lx Pellet Bow
6mx Gorgon Crossbow
6hx Colossus Crossbow
6rx Demon Crossbow
ob1 Eagle Orb
ob2 Sacred Globe
ob3 Smoked Sphere
ob4 Clasped Orb
ob5 Jared's Stone
am1 Stag Bow
am2 Reflex Bow
am3 Maiden Spear
am4 Maiden Pike
am5 Maiden Javelin
ob6 Glowing Orb
ob7 Crystalline Globe
ob8 Cloudy Sphere
ob9 Sparkling Ball
oba Swirling Crystal
am6 Ashwood Bow
am7 Ceremonial Bow
am8 Ceremonial Spear
am9 Ceremonial Pike
ama Ceremonial Javelin
obb Heavenly Stone
obc Eldritch Orb
obd Demon Heart
obe Vortex Orb
obf Dimensional Shard
amb Matriarchal Bow
amc Grand Matron Bow
amd Matriarchal Spear
ame Matriarchal Pike
amf MatriarchalJavelin
cap Cap/hat
skp Skull Cap
hlm Helm
fhl Full Helm
ghm Great Helm
crn Crown
msk Mask
qui Quilted Armor
lea Leather Armor
hla Hard Leather Armor
stu Studded Leather
rng Ring Mail
scl Scale Mail
chn Chain Mail
brs Breast Plate
spl Splint Mail
plt Plate Mail
fld Field Plate
gth Gothic Plate
ful Full Plate Mail
aar Ancient Armor
ltp Light Plate
buc Buckler
sml Small Shield
lrg Large Shield
kit Kite Shield
tow Tower Shield
gts Gothic Shield
lgl Leather Gloves
vgl Heavy Gloves
mgl Bracers
tgl Light Gauntlets
hgl Gauntlets
lbt Leather Boots
vbt Heavy Boots
mbt Chain Boots
tbt Light Plate Boots
hbt Plate Boots
lbl Sash(L)
vbl Light Belt
mbl Belt(M)
tbl Heavy Belt
hbl Girdle(H)
bhm Bone Helm
bsh Bone Shield
spk Spiked Shield
xap War Hat
xkp Sallet
xlm Casque
xhl Basinet
xhm Winged Helm
xrn Grand Crown
xsk Death Mask
xui Ghost Armor
xea Serpentskin Armor
xla Demonhide Armor
xtu Trellised Armor
xng Linked Mail
xcl Tigulated Mail
xhn Mesh Armor
xrs Cuirass
xpl Russet Armor
xlt Templar Coat
xld Sharktooth Armor
xth Embossed Plate
xul Chaos Armor
xar Ornate Armor
xtp Mage Plate
xuc Defender
xml Round Shield
xrg Scutum
xit Dragon Shield
xow Pavise
xts Ancient Shield
xlg Demonhide Gloves
xvg Sharkskin Gloves
xmg Heavy Bracers
xtg Battle Gauntlets
xhg War Gauntlets
xlb Demonhide Boots
xvb Sharkskin Boots
xmb Mesh Boots
xtb Battle Boots
xhb War Boots
zlb Demonhide Sash
zvb Sharkskin Belt
zmb Mesh Belt
ztb Battle Belt
zhb War Belt
xh9 Grim Helm
xsh Grim Shield
xpk Barbed Shield
dr1 Wolf Head
dr2 Hawk Helm
dr3 Antlers
dr4 Falcon Mask
dr5 Spirit Mask
ba1 Jawbone Cap
ba2 Fanged Helm
ba3 Horned Helm
ba4 Assault Helmet
ba5 Avenger Guard
pa1 Targe
pa2 Rondache
pa3 Heraldic Shield
pa4 Aerin Shield
pa5 Crown Shield
ne1 Preserved Head
ne2 Zombie Head
ne3 Unraveller Head
ne4 Gargoyle Head
ne5 Demon Head
ci0 Circlet
ci1 Coronet
ci2 Tiara
ci3 Diadem
uap Shako
ukp Hydraskull
ulm Armet
uhl Giant Conch
uhm Spired Helm
urn Corona
usk Demonhead
uui Dusk Shroud
uea Wyrmhide
ula Scarab Husk
utu Wire Fleece
ung Diamond Mail
ucl Loricated Mail
uhn Boneweave
urs Great Hauberk
upl Balrog Skin
uld Kraken Shell
ult Hellforged Plate
uth Lacquered Plate
uul Shadow Plate
uar Sacred Armor
utp Archon Plate
uuc Heater
uml Luna
urg Hyperion
uit Monarch
uow Aegis
uts Ward
ulg Bramble Mitts
uvg Vampirebone Gloves
umg Vambraces
utg Crusader Gauntlets
uhg Ogre Gauntlets
ulb Wyrmhide Boots
uvb Scarabshell Boots
umb Boneweave Boots
utb Mirrored Boots
uhb Myrmidon Greaves
ulc Spiderweb Sash
uvc Vampirefang Belt
umc Mithril Coil
utc Troll Belt
uhc Colossus Girdle
uh9 Bone Visage
ush Troll Nest
upk Blade Barrier
dr6 Alpha Helm
dr7 Griffon Headress
dr8 Hunter's Guise
dr9 Sacred Feathers
dra Totemic Mask
ba6 Jawbone Visor
ba7 Lion Helm
ba8 Rage Mask
ba9 Savage Helmet
baa Slayer Guard
pa6 Akaran Targe
pa7 Akaran Rondache
pa8 Protector Shield
pa9 Gilded Shield
paa Royal Shield
ne6 Mummified Trophy
ne7 Fetish Trophy
ne8 Sexton Trophy
ne9 Cantor Trophy
nea Hierophant Trophy
drb Blood Spirt
drc Sun Spirit
drd Earth Spirit
dre Sky Spirit
drf Dream Spirit
bab Carnage Helm
bac Fury Visor
bad Destroyer Helm
bae Conquerer Crown
baf Guardian Crown
pab Sacred Targe
pac Sacred Rondache
pad Ancient Shield
pae Zakarum Shield
paf Vortex Shield
neb Minion Skull
neg Hellspawn Skull
ned Overseer Skull
nee Succubae Skull
nef Bloodlord Skull
cx7 Key of Chaos
cx6 Diablo's Soulstone
cx8 Orb of Enchantment
ma6 T3 Relic
xyz Potion of Life (Alkor)

Note: a more complete list of item codes can be found here.

Item Stat & Char Stat Codes

Item Stat Codes references the stat on an item. Char Stat Codes references the stat on your character.

Item Stat Code Character Stat Code Stat
CHARSTAT4 statpts (number of unspent stat points)
CHARSTAT5 newskills (number of unspent skill points)
CHARSTAT6 hitpoints (current life)
CHARSTAT8 mana (current mana)
CHARSTAT10 stamina (current stamina)
ITEMSTAT11 CHARSTAT11 maxstamina
CLVL level
CHARSTAT13 experience (current experience)
CHARSTAT14 gold (gold on character)
CHARSTAT15 goldbank (gold in stash)
ITEMSTAT16 item_armor_percent
ITEMSTAT17 item_maxdamage_percent
ITEMSTAT18 item_mindamage_percent
ITEMSTAT19 tohit
ITEMSTAT20 toblock
ITEMSTAT21 mindamage
ITEMSTAT22 maxdamage
ITEMSTAT23 secondary_mindamage
ITEMSTAT24 secondary_maxdamage
ITEMSTAT25 damagepercent
ITEMSTAT26 manarecovery
ITEMSTAT27 manarecoverybonus
ITEMSTAT28 staminarecoverybonus
CHARSTAT29 lastexp
CHARSTAT30 nextexp
ITEMSTAT31 armorclass
ITEMSTAT32 armorclass_vs_missile
ITEMSTAT33 armorclass_vs_hth
ITEMSTAT34 normal_damage_reduction
ITEMSTAT35 magic_damage_reduction
ITEMSTAT36 CHARSTAT36 damageresist
ITEMSTAT37 CHARSTAT37 magicresist
ITEMSTAT38 CHARSTAT38 maxmagicresist
ITEMSTAT39 CHARSTAT39 fireresist
ITEMSTAT40 CHARSTAT40 maxfireresist
ITEMSTAT41 CHARSTAT41 lightresist
ITEMSTAT42 CHARSTAT42 maxlightresist
ITEMSTAT43 CHARSTAT43 coldresist
ITEMSTAT44 CHARSTAT44 maxcoldresist
ITEMSTAT45 CHARSTAT45 poisonresist
ITEMSTAT46 CHARSTAT46 maxpoisonresist
ITEMSTAT48 firemindam
ITEMSTAT49 firemaxdam
ITEMSTAT50 lightmindam
ITEMSTAT51 lightmaxdam
ITEMSTAT52 magicmindam
ITEMSTAT53 magicmaxdam
ITEMSTAT54 coldmindam
ITEMSTAT55 coldmaxdam
ITEMSTAT56 coldlength
ITEMSTAT57 poisonmindam
ITEMSTAT58 poisonmaxdam
ITEMSTAT59 poisonlength
ITEMSTAT60 lifedrainmindam
ITEMSTAT61 lifedrainmaxdam
ITEMSTAT62 manadrainmindam
ITEMSTAT63 manadrainmaxdam
ITEMSTAT64 stamdrainmindam
ITEMSTAT65 stamdrainmaxdam
ITEMSTAT66 stunlength
ITEMSTAT67 velocitypercent
ITEMSTAT68 attackrate
ITEMSTAT72 durability
ITEMSTAT73 maxdurability
ITEMSTAT74 hpregen
ITEMSTAT75 item_maxdurability_percent
ITEMSTAT76 item_maxhp_percent
ITEMSTAT77 item_maxmana_percent
ITEMSTAT78 item_attackertakesdamage
ITEMSTAT79 item_goldbonus
ITEMSTAT80 item_magicbonus
ITEMSTAT81 item_knockback
ITEMSTAT83 item_addclassskills
ITEMSTAT85 item_addexperience
ITEMSTAT86 item_healafterkill (life on kill)
ITEMSTAT87 item_reducedprices
ITEMSTAT89 item_lightradius
ITEMSTAT91 item_req_percent
ITEMSTAT92 item_levelreq
ITEMSTAT93 CHARSTAT93 item_fasterattackrate
ITEMSTAT94 item_levelreqpct
ITEMSTAT96 item_fastermovevelocity
ITEMSTAT99 CHARSTAT99 item_fastergethitrate
ITEMSTAT101 skill_poison_override_length
ITEMSTAT102 CHARSTAT102 item_fasterblockrate
ITEMSTAT105 CHARSTAT105 item_fastercastrate
ITEMSTAT108 item_restinpeace
ITEMSTAT109 CHARSTAT109 curse_resistance
ITEMSTAT110 item_poisonlengthresist
ITEMSTAT111 item_normaldamage
ITEMSTAT112 item_howl
ITEMSTAT113 item_stupidity
ITEMSTAT114 item_damagetomana
ITEMSTAT115 item_ignoretargetac
Just ask greendude if theres a stat missing here that you want

Special Conditions

Code Description Usage
CLSK0 Amazon Skills ItemDisplay[amc CLSK0>1]: %RED%%NAME%
CLSK1 Sorceress Skills
CLSK2 Necromancer Skills
CLSK3 Paladin Skills
CLSK4 Barbarian Skills
CLSK5 Druid Skills
CLSK6 Assassin Skills
ALLSK All Skills ItemDisplay[ALLSK>1]: %BLUE%%NAME%
TABSK0 Amazon: Bow & Crossbow ItemDisplay[TABSK0>0]: %ORANGE%%NAME%
TABSK1 Amazon: Passive & Magic
TABSK2 Amazon: Javelin & Spear
TABSK8 Sorceress: Fire
TABSK9 Sorceress: Lightning
TABSK10 Sorceress: Cold
TABSK16 Necromancer: Curses
TABSK17 Necromancer: Poison & Bone
TABSK18 Necromancer: Summon
TABSK24 Paladin: Combat
TABSK25 Paladin: Offensive Auras
TABSK26 Paladin: Defensive Auras
TABSK32 Barbarian: Combat
TABSK33 Barbarian: Masteries
TABSK34 Barbarian: Warcries
TABSK40 Druid: Summoning
TABSK41 Druid: Shapeshifting
TABSK42 Druid: Elemental
TABSK48 Assassin: Traps
TABSK49 Assassin: Shadow Disciplines
TABSK50 Assassin: Martial Arts
ED  % effective defense/damage
RES  % to all Resistances ItemDisplay[RES<40]: %RED%F%BLUE%C%YELLOW%L%GREEN%P %NAME%
ID identified
DEF total defense
LIFE + life
IAS increased attack speed
FCR faster cast rate
GEMLEVEL gem or rune level

Skill Codes

Skill codes will only work for items that grant skill bonuses when unidentified (implicit).

Code Skill
SK40 Frigerate
SK48 Nova
SK58 Energy Shield
SK59 Blizzard
SK62 Hydra
SK64 Frozen Orb
SK69 Summon Mastery
SK83 Desecrate
SK92 Poison Nova
SK118 Holy Shock
SK119 Sanctuary
SK224 Lycanthropy
SK225 Firestorm
SK226 Oak Sage
SK227 Summon Spirit Wolf
SK236 Heart of Wolverine
SK237 Summon Dire Wolf
SK238 Rabies
SK244 Volcano
SK247 Summon Grizzly Bear
SK249 Armageddon
SK250 Hurricane
SK261 Charged Bolt Sentry
SK262 Wake of Fire Sentry
SK271 Lightning Sentry
SK274 Blades of Ice
SK275 Dragon Flight
SK276 Death Sentry
SK277 Blade Shield
SK278 Venom