List of Loot Filters

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Copy the Filter link from any of the loot filters below and paste it into the field in the Path of Diablo Launcher and click Download Filter.


Make sure to enable "Custom Loot Filter" in the Settings menu in-game.


Filtration Links

The filters must always be saved/encoded in UTF-8 BOM format. Learn more about creating loot filters at Loot Filtration.

Name Author Version Info Filter Link Patch Compatibility
Default GreenDude Empty/clean Titanium
SynFilter Synial 1.3.7 More Info - Simple/Standard Titanium
SynFilter Synial 1.3.7 More Info - Advanced Titanium
Filtergale Darkgale 32 More Info - Detailed Changes Titanium
Ikusu datawulf wip More Info Detailed Changes Edenite
Simplicity JNarical 2.x Made for casual and new players
More Info / Reddit Titanium
Reflet DC_GodRage 1.0 French translation of unID items Titanium
Avertae *z- 0.2 Minimalistic approach, zero-tolerance for trash Kyanite
FoxFilter nbarnes 1.1 Patch #12 Edenite update to SynFilter Basic, with minor tweaks Edenite
Anirml's Filter Anirml 1.1.2 Anirml's Filter More Info Titanium

Allowed URLs: Dropbox, Github, Discord or any other reputable sources.