List of Loot Filters

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How to Use

1. Copy the filter link from the community-made loot filters listed below.

2. Start the Path of Diablo launcher and paste the filter link into the lootfilter url textbox.

3. Click 'Download Filter' to install the filter into your PoD folder.


4. Once in-game, enable 'Custom Loot Filter' in the Path of Diablo Settings menu.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Toggling custom loot filters while in the lobby may cause a game crash. When binding 'Custom Loot Filter' to a hotkey, use a key that won't be used in the lobby.

Download Links

To upload a new filter below, please ensure it is saved/encoded in UTF-8 BOM format. Make sure your URL is static so uploading a new filter keeps the same URL otherwise users will not be able to benefit from automatic filter updates. New filter creators please put your links at the bottom not the top.

Name Author Version Info Filter Link Patch
Default GreenDude n/a (empty file) n/a
Kryszard's Loot Filter Kryszard ver. 2.1
For Everyone - FPS Friendly
More Info P19-Zincite
Ixoth's Loot Filter Ixoth (ixoth72 @ reddit) ver. 1.13
Aimed more to the end game
For more Info P19-Zincite
Spam's Loot Filter (Standard) spamrat 2020.08.22 For Everyone
More Info P19-Zincite
Spam's Loot Filter (No Item Level) spamrat 2020.08.22 For Everyone
More Info P19-Zincite
Filtergale Darkgale 15.08.2020 For Everyone
More Info
map items are bugged broke maps
Anirml's Filter Anirml 2020.08.21 For Everyone
More Info P19-Zincite
Pure Karma KarmaNation 2020.10.06 For everyone
More Info P19-Zincite
KittenGale (modified Filtergale) SwiftKitten 1.2.1 For Softcore chars who like Darkgale's filter
More Info P20-Perlite, Waiting on priority fix on .DLL side
RenTed's Lootfilter RenTed 0.19.2
For Everyone P19-Zincite
中文過濾器(Chinese Version) MarsFlyPig 2020/08/28 中文化版本使用的過濾器
中文化補丁 P19-Zincite
Simplicity JNarical 2.x For casual and newer players
More Info / Reddit P19-Zincite
Strictgale Darkgale 26.08.2020 Worlds Strictest filter dont use! Just Don't


Using this web app, you can check how items look like with the filter that you pasted, or compare two of them.