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|Unreal Tournament voice PoE sound pack
|Unreal Tournament voice PoE sound pack

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Custom Loot Filters

How to Use

1. By default, Path of Diablo displays all item drops similarly to Vanilla Diablo II (with some minor wording changes). To limit screen clutter and help identify sought-after items dropped from monsters, some players may prefer to use a custom loot filter or even to create their own. To learn more about creating a custom loot filter, see Loot Filtration.

2. To use to a user-created custom loot filter, select the filter you want to use from the list below and copy its url to the clipboard.

3. Start the Path of Diablo launcher, select the filter field, and paste the filter url.

4. Click 'Download Filter' to apply.


5. Once in-game, enable 'Custom Loot Filter' in the Path of Diablo Settings menu.


Download Links

To upload a new filter below, please ensure it is saved/encoded in UTF-8 BOM format.
NOTE: Pre-Jade filters have a chance of crashing, use with caution.

Name Author Version Info Filter Link Patch
Default GreenDude n/a (empty file) https://pathofdiablo.com/item.filter n/a
Anirml's Filter Anirml 1.2.3 For new players
More Info
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/375472327481098273/550961610441621504/item.filter Jade #16
Strict Filter Anirml 1.2.2 For late game
More Info
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/375472327481098273/548252852976353300/item.filter Jade #16
Filtergale Darkgale 65 For Everyone
More Info
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/323727183266840576/551151345571201061/item.filter Jade #16
Pure Karma KarmaNation 3.20.2019 For everyone
More Info
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/KarmaNation256/pod-loot-filter/master/item.filter Jade #16
Simplicity JNarical 2.x For casual and newer players
More Info / Reddit
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/narical/Simplicity/master/item.filter Jade #16
KittenGale (modified Filtergale) SwiftKitten 0.2 (beta) (7/22/19) Still undergoing testing https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/268485923551969292/602944657340497920/item.filter Jade #16
SynFilter- simple Synial 1.3.8 Simple version
More Info
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Synial/SynFilter/master/Standard_Red/item.filter Graphite #15
SynFilter- advanced Synial 1.3.8 Advanced version
More Info
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Synial/SynFilter/master/Advanced_Red/item.filter Graphite #15
Smooth Filter scroll 1.0.1 For casual players.
More Info
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/268485923551969292/483798747063779339/item.filter Graphite #15
lordbean's filter lordbean 1.4 Intended for SSF and supports both early and late game.
More Info
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/517208997338677252/520321106414927891/item.filter Graphite #15

Custom Sound Packs

How to Create

1. Download Audacity and set the project to 22k hertz (bottom left).

2. Export files as 16 bit .wav file.

3. Place the file in the following folder: (Diablo II directory)/Path of Diablo/data/global/sfx/Item

4. NOTE: The file must be named the exact same way as an existing (and supported) file. See Default Pack for the list of supported file names. No other audio formats or frequencies are supported.

How to Use

1. Download the sound pack you want to use from the list below and extract it to the '/data' folder within it to your Path of Diablo folder in your Diablo II directory.

2. Start the Path of Diablo launcher, enable the 'Advanced' checkbox and the '-direct' checkbox.

3. NOTE: If you wish to remove any one of the sounds, delete the corresponding file from the '/item' subfolder and it will revert back to the original sound.

Download Links

Name Author Filter Link
Default Blizzard Inc [1]
Starsurges Pack Starsurges [2]
Tevashi Pack Tevashi [3]
NES Zelda Pack silent_galaxy [4]
PoEFilterSound Pack ghost_exile [5] soft version

[6] loud version

AsusaraVoice Pack ghost_exile [7]
PoE/Voice Pack Peddler [8]
Unreal Tournament voice PoE sound pack kriswift [9]