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Several patches old; probably outdated
A few patches old; may be outdated
Recent; probably unchanged

General Guides

Name Author Patch
Differences between regular D2 and Path of Diablo redmic Kyanite (11)
Map orientation and path finding guide Cheesus Kyanite (11)
POD Dungeoneering - An in-depth analysis Wuslwiz Edenite (12)
How to play on Resetday (group focused) shikari3 Titanium (13)


Name Author Patch
Multishot + Freezing Arrow Amazon Mini-Guide Tastychicken Limestone (5)
Groundslam Guide Weez Aventurine (9)
Freezing Arrow Bowazon Guide Weez Edenite (12)
Physical Bowazon Weez Edenite (12)
Physical Bow Amazon Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)
Throwing Javelin Amazon Guide Aka The Java Zon Daemoth Titanium (13)
Elemental Bowzon Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)


Name Author Patch
Bladethrow/Shield Assassin Bronk Kyanite (11)
Trapsin Boopie Kyanite (11)
Budget MA Bladeshield Assasin Repeats Edenite (12)
Blades of Ice Proc Assassin weez Edenite (12)
Blades of Ice Assassin Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)


Name Author Patch
A Diablo II, Path of Diablo, Whirlwind Barbarian Guide by Menthur Menthur Edenite (12)
RF Wolfbarb guide to hardcore Bopd88 Kyanite (11)
Ethereal Throw Guide by SlightRedeye SlightRedeye Kyanite (11)
Guide - War Cry Barb -HC Stratigas Kyanite (11)
Frenzy Barbarian Guide by Daemoth Daemoth Titanium (13)
Frenzy PDR Barbarian - an indepth guide b Wuslwiz Wuslwiz Titanium (13)
Warcry Barbarian Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)
Whirlwind Barbarian Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)


Name Author Patch
Druid Summoner guide - Uber Viable - Video Included gsnaits Edenite (12)
Fire Claw/Maul Druid - An in-depth guide by Wuslwiz Wuslwiz Edenite (12)
Cr4ve's Super Basic Summon Druid Guide Cr4ve Edenite (12)
Dashing Tornado - In-depth Wind druid guide by Karvarousku Karvarousku Edenite (12)
Windy Druid Guide for Hardcore Fenrils Kyanite (11)
ASH Crit Werebear Druid aikh Kyanite (11)
Big bear 2.0 (shockwave druid) etup Kyanite (11)
Rabies Druid - An in-depth guide by Wuslwiz Wuslwiz Kyanite (11)
Summoning Druid Mini-Guide by Halinn Halinn Aventurine (9)
Summon Druid Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)
Elemental Druid Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)
Fire Claw Druid Guide , The Legendary Uber Killer Daemoth Titanium (13)
Uber summon druid guide Sharimastercraft Titanium (13)


Name Author Patch
Lazy (But skillful!) Necro by Syrhcez Syrhcez Edenite (12)
S-Creamer Necro Build Guide (Summon+Poison Hybrid) Hanuman9 Edenite (12)
Path of Diablo - Starter MF Psn Necro Guide - Naked Necro Chaos Run Pandafist Edenite (12)
Tasty Skelliemancer Guide Tastychicken Kyanite (11)
Necromancer Poison nova guide by Silenceform Silenceform Kyanite (11)
Lord of the fallen magi (A skeletal mage summoner guide) vankata256 Kyanite (11)
Hellcows on a budget - a poison necro quickguide Awesome_Bruno Titanium (13)
Bone Necromancer Guide by Daemoth Daemoth Titanium (13)


Name Author Patch
Dual Dream Paladin Guide Bolle7 Edenite (12)
Double Dream Holy Shock Vepar90 Kyanite (11)
Holy Shock Charge Pally Slightredeye Kyanite (11)
Fist of Heavens Paladin thyriel Onyx (4)
Holy Bolt & Holy Bolt / Fist of Heavens Hybrid Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)
Physical Paladin Charger and Zealer Guide Daemoth Titanium (13)


Name Author Patch
Frozen Orb + Hydra Season Starter Hanuman9 Edenite (12)
Frost Nova/Hydra full ES Sorceress Wuslwiz Edenite (12)
Zeal Sorc Enchantress Guide Daemoth Edenite (12)
HC Sorceress Leveling Guide Wonderbread general guide
Freezing Pulse Sorc Suckerhcg Kyanite (11)
Discharge Sorc guide Bopd88 Kyanite (11)
General Sorceress Guide , Every Sorc Build ( Cold , Fire , Light and Hybrid ) Daemoth Titanium (13)