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To see a more extensive list of the changes visit the Patch Notes page.
The Wiki and this page are still under construction so some things are not on here.

  • New Skills
  • Skill Reworks (mostly to create and encourage more builds)
  • No Cheating Allowed. No Maphack. No Bots. No Multiclienting.
  • Enigma has been changed
    • The Runes used to make it has changed.
    • The Teleport is now Convocation, which is a teleport with a cooldown.
  • Bigger Stash
  • Accounts can have up to 18 characters
  • No Realm Downs
  • You can have Multiple Shrines on at once.
  • Being Cursed does not remove your Shrine effects.
  • No Cow King, so you can't lose your ability to create cow levels.
  • Move Only skill so you don't accidentally click a monster and try to melee attack it.
  • High Runes drops have been increased since our server is smaller.
    • Instead of the drop rate for higher runes going down exponentially, it goes down linearly.
  • Beating Normal Difficulty allows you to see Nightmare and Normal Games.
  • Beating Nightmare Difficulty allows you to see Hell, Nightmare, and Normal Games.
  • Changes to Uniques (Under Construction)
  • Changes to Sets (Under Construction)
  • Global Chat Bot
    • Type /f add Chat to add the global chat bot to your friends list to see the global messages.
    • Type /w chat #message to send a message to everyone who has chat on their friends list
    • Type /w chat % The chat bot should message you back so you can use /r for messaging.
    • If the Chat Bot is not online, it is in the shop being repaired.

First Version of this page. It will be updated.