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Relics are unique items that can be used to open a portal to a special dungeon area. These dungeons are dangerous areas that high level players can farm as an alternative to farming hell baals over and over.

Tier 1 Relics drop from Izual and Hephasto the Armorer on Hell difficulty.

To use a relic, the player must bring it to its respective altar and cast the spell it grants your character. Each relic can only be used once.


Name mlvl Boss

Tier 1:

Decrepit Tomb


Blood Huntress

Tier 2:

Dark Cavern


Root of all Evil

Tier 3:

Abandoned Precinct


Ursa Bloodthirst

Tier 4:

Desecrated Temple


Crazed Sorcerer

Tier 5:

coming soon



Warning: These areas are very dangerous. It is recommended to run them with other players or with a very well geared character.

Tipps on not losing or wasting your map

  • Don't create the same map in the same game
  • Don't use Townportal (put the Tome away from your Tome of Identification)
  • Don't enter the 'Inner cloister' (Patch#11)
  • Wait a little bit before staring a map, the server might reset soon and the messages are coming in intervalls.

Patch Notes

  • Relic bosses will no longer spawn random mods. They will always spawn with the same mods
  • Relic bosses have been tagged as prime evils
  • Relic bosses will always drop a relic
  • Relic bosses are now 5 levels higher than the area level
  • Relic bosses now have new skills which makes their fight more interesting and dangerous
  • Relic boss rooms will now have more shiny chests as you climb the tiers
  • A new area called The Ancient's Temple has been added. You will now bring relics to this area instead of the previous area. It requires level 80 to enter. The entrance is in Act 5 town
  • Relics will now be right clicked to activate (while standing in The Ancient's Temple). All party members in the temple area will be warped with you into the dungeon
  • Using a town portal while in a relic dungeon will warp you to town without creating a portal. It will be impossible to re-enter the dungeon