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Relics are unique items that can be used to open a portal to a special dungeon area. These dungeons are dangerous areas that high level players can farm as an alternative to farming hell baals over and over.

To use a relic, the player must bring it to its respective altar and cast the spell it grants your character. Each relic can only be used once.


Name mlvl Boss

Tier 1:

Decrepit Tomb


Blood Huntress

Tier 2:

Dark Cavern


Root of all Evil

Tier 3:

Abandoned Precinct


Ursa Bloodthirst

Tier 4:

Desecrated Temple


Crazed Sorcerer

Tier 5:

coming soon



Warning: These areas are very dangerous. It is recommended to run them with other players or with a very well geared character.

Patch Notes

  • Relic bosses will no longer spawn random mods. They will always spawn with the same mods
  • Relic bosses have been tagged as prime evils
  • Relic bosses will always drop a relic
  • Relic bosses are now 5 levels higher than the area level
  • Relic bosses now have new skills which makes their fight more interesting and dangerous
  • Relic boss rooms will now have more shiny chests as you climb the tiers