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== Important Tips ==  
== Important Tips ==  

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The following dungeon areas have been added/changed in Path of Diablo.


What are Maps?

  • "Maps" are a series of new end-game areas created in Path of Diablo. These are dangerous high level areas that players can farm as an alternative to traditional areas of Diablo II. These areas offer additional replayability compared to the vanilla Diablo II experience.
  • They offering increased experience compared to traditional farming areas and the same possibility of high level loot. The item drop probabilities in maps are identical the same as Worldstone Chamber.
  • Maps also function to promote build diversity by offering unique combinations of monster types containing different elemental/physical immunities in various densities.
  • In a way that should be somewhat familiar for Path of Exile players, these areas can be accessed by using a series of new special items called "Relics".


  • Relics are new special items in Path of Diablo that can be used to open a portal to various tiers of maps.
  • There are multiple tiers of Relic (currently 1-4) that have a chance to drop after defeating the miniboss at the end of each dungeon area.
  • The first (Tier 1) Relic drops from Hephasto the Armorer in Act 4 on Hell difficulty (about a 10% chance).
  • To use a Relic, the player must bring it to a new area on the northern side of Harrogath called "The Ancient's Temple" and simply right-click the item. This will destroy the item and the player will be teleported to a new screen inside the dungeon of that tier.
  • Each relic can only be used once.
  • Relics can now be upgraded into the next tier by transmuting 4 of a kind. (Tourmaline #17)


Name mlvl Boss Layouts

Tier 1:

Desecrated Temple


Blood Huntress

Layout 1, Layout 2

Tier 2:

Frigid Plateau


Root of All Evil

Layout 1 Layout 2

Tier 3:

Ruined Citadel


Ursa Bloodthirst

Layout 1 Layout 2

Tier 4:

Forgotten Desert


Crazed Sorcerer

Important Tips

  • Once cleared, exit the game prior to attempting to create the same tier of map again. Otherwise, you will be teleported back to the same (cleared) map, as only one instance of each map can be produced by each game. Accessing other tiered maps is not a problem.
  • Each map contains a waypoint that, when clicked, can access all other Act 5 waypoints. Unfortunately, if used to leave the map, this waypoint cannot be accessed from the outside by any means. Consequently, think of the waypoint as a visual flourish only. The only way to re-enter a map is by using a TP scroll originating from that map. to enter and exist maps to prevent being locked out.
  • Maps may easily take 20+ minutes to complete depending on party, gear, and level. Consider the server reset time before creating one.
  • Warning: The tier 4 boss is very dangerous. It is recommended to run the tier 4 with other players or with a very well geared character.