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Editor's Note: Please note that this article is still being worked on for formatting and presentation. All patch notes have been added for all skills, but skills still need to be evaluated for net buffs or nerfs. Additionally, I also want to write a description for all skills, including pictures for new skills. Finally I want to add level charts for every skill in the game. So while the information below is correct, there will be better and clearly infromation coming soon (tm).

Character Base Stats:

  • Base mana regeneration increased from 0.83% to 1.66%.
  • Starts with +100 stamina.


Elemental Skills:

Note: The visual bug showing that Hurricane is a prerequisite to Armageddon has been removed.

Flame Dash:

  • Has been added.
  • Flame Dash has been reworked slightly. This should fix the animation bug it suffered from. The cooldown is also changed.
  • Mana cost per level has been increased from 0.5 to 1.

Molten Boulders:

  • Speed of the Boulder has been increased.
  • Molten Boulder’s fire and physical damage synergies are now more effective.


  • Damage has been reduced at lower levels.
  • Travel speed has been reduced significantly. It will now gain travel speed with each level.


  • Can now be used at the same time as Hurricane.
  • Armageddon’s projectiles fall rate is increased by 60% for more consistency in the AoE.
  • Armageddon’s fire damage has been reduced.


  • Can now be used at the same time as Armageddon.
  • Hurricane's synergy bonus from both Twister and Tornado reduced from 12% to 6% damage per level.
  • Hurricane now receives a 6% synergy bonus from Arctic Blast.


  • Tornado’s synergy bonus from Cyclone Armor has been reduced from 20% to 14% damage per level.


  • The cooldown given to Volcano after casting Armageddon has been removed.
  • The one second cooldown has been removed.
  • Volcano's physical damage portion has been buffed.
  • Synergy bonus from Molten Boulder is now slightly more effective.
  • Volcano’s physical and fire damage synergies are now more effective.
  • Volcano’s physical damage synergy has increased from 18% to 19%.

Shapeshifting Skills:


  • Starting life bonus has been reduced.
  • Starting life bonus has been reduced again.


  • Starting life bonus has been reduced.

Fire Claw:

  • Fire Claws’ damage synergies lowered from 19% to 17%.
  • Fire Claws’ mana cost per level now increases by ~0.1 per level (up from 0).

Summoning Skills:

Note: Druids can now have all of their summoned minions alive at the same time.


  • Has been completely reworked to be a viable skill on it's own.
  • Ravens now deal splash damage.
  • Raven now starts with a maximum of 3 ravens.
  • Raven now has a max cap of 20 Ravens.
  • Raven's damage has been increased at later levels by about 30%.
  • Raven's movement speed has been increased significantly.
  • Synergies are now slightly more effective.
  • Raven's cold damage has been reduced slightly.
  • Raven’s starting mana cost has been reduced slightly. It will now scale up slightly with levels.

Poison Creeper:

  • Damage has been buffed significantly.
  • Poison Creeper’s damage lowered at early levels.
  • Poison Creeper now receives a 4% synergy bonus from Rabies

Oak sage:

  • Oak Sage’s Life bonus now starts at +20% instead of +30% at level 1.
  • Is now a level 12 skill.
  • Oak Sage’s starting values and scaling has been reduced slightly.

Dire Wolf:

  • Now gains one wolf for every hard points invested. (max 3)

Spirit Wolf:

  • Now gains one wolf for every hard points invested. (max 7)

Heart of the Wolverine:

  • Is now a level 6 skill.

Spirit of Barbs:

  • Is now a level 30 skill.