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Changed Bosses

Diablo Clone:

Description: The Diablo Clone fight is a special encounter first introduced in patch #11: Kyanite. It is meant to be a very difficult challange for endgame players. If you can beat him you will be rewarded with the Annihilus unique small charm. Diablo Clone can not be spawnd by selling Stone of Jordan rings to the vendor (unlike in regular

  • Requirements: Uber Diablo's realm can only be entered through a specific map item called "The Infernal Trial" which can only be created by using the Horadric Cube. Use it like a regular map item in the "Sky Temple" in Harrogarth like you do it with other maps when you are ready (you can't go back to town and reenter the fight)
  • Cube Recipe: In order to create the special map item you must gather a full organ set, a Soulstone that drops from Diablo in Uber Tristram and a Key of Chaos that drops in relics. Put all ingredients in the cube to create "The Infernal Trial"


Additional facts about the encounter:
Diablo Clone spawns from a hooded man ("The Dark Wanderer") which is standing in the middle of the map - go near him to start the fight when you are ready. In the first phase Uber Diablo is immune to all damage and curses and spawns a huge amount of minions alongside him to fight you. The minions he spawns are called "Reanimated Warriors" (monster type: Reanimated Horde), which are undead skeletons with high physical damage and crushing blow which are also immune to curses and are highly resistant against any kinds of damage. They have an "undead" tag as all reanimated horde monsters do but don't have a charge attack. Alongside them spawn 5 "Undead Commanders", which are considered mini bosses with their prime evil tag on them. They are ranged undead creatures with high resistances, a slow aura (Holy Freeze) which deal magic damage using the skill Guided Arrow. You need to kill all "Undead Commanders" to enter to phase 2, where Diablo becomes vulnerable and loses its immunties. During phase 1 Diablo is able to attack and damage you constantly - you can not damage him in this phase at all until you defeat his commanders. Diablo also emits a special red aura which reduces the maximum resistance cap of your character, mercenary and minions by 5%.

Diablo Clone now has more life and some of his ‘Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistances’ have been replaced by ‘Fire/Cold/Lightning Absorb +%’.

Damage types you will face during this encounter:
physical/fire/lightning (from Diablo Clone), physical (from Reanimated Horde) and magic damage (from Undead Commanders)

Uber Mephisto:

Uber Mephisto's drain effectiveness stat was changed from 0% to 10% (it is possible to leech now from Mephisto without using the Life Tap curse)

Uber Baal:

Uber Baal is now immune to curses of any kind

Uber Diablo:

Uber Diablo's Lightning Hose is now much more dangerous

Removed Bosses

  • The Cow King no longer spawns in the Secret Cow Level

Patch Notes

  • Council Members can no longer spawn with Fire Enchanted. There is a old bug in the game code that makes them deal insane damage in Nightmare
  • The Ancients can no longer spawn with Fire Enchanted
  • Talic now uses a lower level Whirlwind
  • Root of All Evil boss now uses Dashing Strike instead of Flicker Strike. His AI has also improved especially when hunting down ranged players