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To see a more extensive list of the changes visit the [http://pathofdiablo.com/wiki/index.php/Patch_Notes Patch Notes] page. <br />
#REDIRECT [[Features]]
The Wiki and this page are still under construction so some things are not on here.
*New Skills
*Skill Reworks (mostly to create and encourage more builds)
*New End Game [[Dungeoneering]](Mapping) System
*[http://pathofdiablo.com/wiki/index.php/Special_Items Orb of Corruption]
*Melee Splash Gem: Works with Single Target Melee Splash skills. Damage equals to your default attack damage.
*No Cheating Allowed. No Maphack. No Bots. No Multiclienting (this includes not having 2 pc's for mule)
**Check the [https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofdiablo/wiki/rules Rules]
*Bigger Stash
*Accounts can have up to 18 characters
*No Realm Downs
*You can have Multiple Shrines on at once.
*Being Cursed does not remove your Shrine effects.
*You can kill Cow King and make new Cow Portal next game
*Move Only skill so you don't accidentally click a monster and try to melee attack it.
*Drop rates are similar to p8 (nodrop=0).
**Instead of the drop rate for higher runes going down exponentially, it goes down linearly.
*Beating Normal Difficulty allows you to see Nightmare and Normal Games.
*Beating Nightmare Difficulty allows you to see Hell, Nightmare, and Normal Games.
*Changes to [[Runewords]] (Under Construction)
*Changes to [[Uniques]] (Under Construction)
*Changes to [[Sets]] (Under Construction)
*New Dclone Encounter
*Global Chat Bot
**Type '''/chat''' to see info about global chat
**Type '''/chat on''' to subscribe to the global chat.
**Type // to talk in chat.
**If the message "joining global chat is currently disabled" appears you cant join it until a moderator opens it up. This is because spam accounts can just make new accounts and spam global so we close off chat.
You can pm a mod and ask them to open it temporarily so you can get in.
This is a friendly server.  This is not Bnet.  If you come to play here, try to help out your fellow PoD adventurers. <br />
If someone is muling in a public game don't take their items.
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