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Editor's Note: Please note that this article is still being worked on for formatting and presentation. All patch notes have been added for all skills, but skills still need to be evaluated for net buffs or nerfs. Additionally, I also want to write a description for all skills, including pictures for new skills. Finally I want to add level charts for every skill in the game. So while the information below is correct, there will be better and clearly infromation coming soon (tm).

Starting Gear:

  • Barbarians now start with a Hand Axe in each hand instead of one + buckler.

Character Base Stats:

  • Base mana regeneration increased from 0.83% to 1.66%.
  • Starts with +100 stamina.


Combat Masteries Skills:

Throwing Mastery:

  • Now grants '+% Piercing Attacks with Throwing Weapons’.
  • Throwing Mastery’s piercing attack chance has been reduced.

Combat Skills:

Note: The Barbarian’s combat skills tree has changed slightly. Some skills have had their level requirements changed.


  • Frenzy’s movement speed bonus has been reduced.
  • Frenzy’s duration has been increased.
  • Frenzy’s damage synergy from Bash has been changed to Cleave.
  • Frenzy’s damage synergy from Cleave is now 10% (up from 5% from bash).
  • Frenzy now has a new accuracy synergy from Concentrate.
  • Frenzy’s starting attack speed has been increased from 5% to 9%.


  • Bash now converts damage to magic.
  • Bash now deals 110% base damage.
  • Bash now starts at 45% physical to magic damage conversion and increases with levels.


  • Has been added.
  • Cleave’s damage synergy has increased from 10% to 15%.


  • Has been removed.

Double throw:

  • Has been replaced by a new skill: Power Throw

Ethereal Throw:

  • Has been added.
  • Deals 60% Weapon Damage + bonus magic damage per lvl

Leap Attack:

  • Leap Attack can no longer be assigned to Left click mouse button. This is a temporary fix for a bug which allowed the skill to deal the damage without performing the attack animation.


  • Whirlwind has been changed back to the classic game version. It will attack a fixed amount of time per spin regardless of the player’s attack speed.
  • Attack rating is reduced by 50% during use of skill.
  • Deadly Strike chance is halved during use of skill.
  • Crushing blow chance is halved during use of skill.
  • Whirlwind’s starting attack rating bonus reduced from 40% to 10%.
  • Whirlwind’s damage per level has decreased from 7% to 6%.

Power Throw:

  • Power Throw’s damage per level has increased from 6% to 8%.

Warcry Skills:

Grim ward:

  • Has been changed to a negative physical resist debuff

War Cry:

  • No longer has Howl as a synergy.
  • War Cry’s stun duration has been reduced.
  • War Cry’s damage synergies are now more effective.

Battle Orders:

  • Had its base duration and duration per level increased.
  • No longer has duration synergies.
  • Battle Orders’ starting values have been reduced.
  • Battle Orders’ bonus life value per level have been reduced.


  • Had its base duration and duration per level increased.
  • No longer has duration synergies.

Battle Command:

  • Had its base duration and duration per level increased.
  • No longer has duration synergies.
  • Battle Command’s base duration has been increased.
  • Battle Command will now grant +2 to all skills at base level 10 and +3 to all skills at base level 20.