About donations

In order to run this community realm, it requires many game servers which costs money. We've taken a lot of time to make sure that the server hosts we buy from offer the more value for the lowest price. These servers are paid by donations and if there aren't enough donations to cover the costs, then I (GreenDude) have to cover the costs from my own pockets. Now that we have many servers, the cost is too high for me to support it without your help. Path of Diablo could not exist without your donations. Thank you.

Why do we use Streamlabs for donations?

 - Streamlabs does not charge any fees. All the money goes towards server costs.

 - They protect us from refund scams.

 - They accept all the most popular forms of payment so that you can donate easily.

 - It also gives us access to useful tools like tracking donation goals so we can see how much we've raised each month.

What do I get for donating?

You get the satisfaction of helping keep Path of Diablo up.

I also want to give donators a special badge on the website and patron group on the discord to show our appreciation for your help. This is merely a visual effect to show you've donated and does not grant you any administrative power or advantages.



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